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In this my first episode of Let’s Talk Recruiting, I talk about whether college athletes should be paid. I have a question submitted to me through my SpeakPipe page about whether student athletes should be paid. I gave my opinion on this very serious topic in the podcast.

Also in this episode, I talk about using for student athletes to create an athletic profile. is free to use, and it clearly has many advantages for student athletes.

You can create multiple blog posts, update information about your athletic and academic performances, and this information can be easily shared via e-mail to college coaches.

Another thing I talk about is how it’s critical for student athletes to focus on the big picture of college programs and not solely on the division one.

I had a conversation with Merritt Ford of Vantage Athletes the other day. Merritt is a college recruiter in California and we talked about the importance of getting a college degree.

I’m really excited because this is my first podcast and I really worked hard and focused on coming up with a good subject matter while trying to make it entertaining as well.

For those who don’t know me, I use a lot of humor in just about everything I do. Currently, I have a training program for those who want to be college recruiters and in that program I talk directly to the potential recruiters face-to-face via Skype for a 1 hour training session.

I use a lot of humor with these new up and coming college recruiters to explain the strategies or to make my point.

The Student Athletes Should Be Paid, It’s Only Fair

In this episode we talked about: A free blogging platform but a powerful tool for student athletes to create an athletic profile that can be shared with college coaches. A free link-shortening software which allows you to create clickable links and be able to track traffic statistics.

Merritt Ford of Vantage Athletes. Merritt is a college recruiter out of California who does an incredible job with video editing and works closely with his student athletes and their parents giving them one-on-one personal attention.

SpeakPipe. If you want to participate in future podcasts and you have a question about a recruiting strategy, feel free to leave me a voicemail message. Up to a minute in length is cool and if it’s a subject that can be beneficial or helpful to others we will include it in the next podcast session.

How To Be A College Recruiter Intensive Program. This is a training program that I have for those who are looking to become college recruiters or who are already in the business and want to get better.

Thank you so much. If you enjoyed this episode share it on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to leave me a comment below. I will talk to you next time.

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