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For as long as there have been a college recruiting process, student athletes and parents have never been able to figure out how it works.

It’s critical to sign up with Woods Recruiting because we can eliminate many of the fears, anxieties, frustrations, and anger that is commonly associated with the college recruiting process.

  1. Fear. Many parents have fears about making a commitment to a college recruiting service, mainly because some recruiting services charge a lot of money.

Desperate BusinessmanMany recruiting services charge thousands of dollars and provide very little in actual services.

Woods Recruiting is not a high-priced, budget busting recruiting service.

At Woods Recruiting, we care about the student athletes 110%, we care about the parents a great deal and we understand finances.

  1. Anxiety. Is a huge problem in the recruiting process because it is created mainly because student athletes and parents are unclear and unsure how the process works and have no idea how the college recruiting process will end up.

The anxiety grows greater during a student athlete’s senior year of high school. It reaches its highest levels because the student athlete still does not know how the college recruiting process will finally play out for them.

  1. Frustration. Is what many high school student athletes and their parents have on a daily basis.

They’re frustrated because no one is helping them with the college recruiting process and many student athletes and parents do not know where to turn for help.

Many parents of high school student athletes truly believe that it is the high school coach’s responsibility to help their son or daughter with the recruiting process.

When the parents receive very little or no information from a high school coach, I would imagine that being very frustrating for them.

  1. Anger has finally set in! In all my years of experience I’ve seen parents angrily take out their frustrations and all of their anxieties and all of their fears out on the high school coach, the school administration, and basically anyone in their line of sight.

You cannot blame the parents for how they feel.

Their son or daughter has dedicated their lives to athletics and now when the payoff of an athletic scholarship could be within reach, there’s no solution to getting a scholarship, there’s no solution to the recruiting process whatsoever.

The solution:

Parents and high school student athletes need to stop putting themselves through so much pain and sign up with Woods Recruiting today!

  1. Open for business August 1989.
  2. Have worked with thousands of high school student athletes.
  3. Have placed thousands of high school student athletes in college.
  4. Have relationships with hundreds of college programs.
  5. Have a 95% success rate of placing student athletes in college.
  6. We have a state-of-the-art website
  7. Woods Recruiting is run by Al Woods, a former high school basketball player, college basketball player and professional basketball player.

That is a huge amount of knowledge and experience about the college recruiting process. Go with Woods Recruiting today!

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