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Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

When it comes to exposure, this is one of the most critical components in the overall college recruiting process. Student-athletes across the country that need exposure are doing whatever they can to get exposure to these college coaches.

Without exposure to a long list of college programs on a consistent basis you have no chance whatsoever of getting recruited.

Just about every student-athlete plays on a club team or attends a camp.  Every student-athlete and their parents are doing everything they can to get as much exposure the college coaches.

Attention is critical. Without exposure you’re going to have a very hard time of getting recruited by any college coach. You could be the best player on your team or the best player in your city or town. None of that matters when it comes to exposure.

There’s just so many other student-athlete out there for college programs to recruit. If they don’t know about you, they no doubt cannot recruit you.

Exposure. Recruitment. College Placement.

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