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Eddie McClendon High School Football Recruit

Eddie McClendon High School Football Recruit

In the class of 2019, Eddie McClendon will be a name you will want to keep looking out for. A physical specimen who dominates at 6’0” 170lbs. WR/DB  4.7 40yd Eddie rarely leaves the field for the Mesa High Jackrabbits in Mesa, Arizona.

Eddie plays wide receiver and will use his athletic ability to flat out punish you with his size and strength. He is used out wide as a second tight end and will even line up in the backfield and be a lead blocker. He is fast enough to beat you to the corner on jet-sweeps or beat your cornerback on a go route. He also uses his body well when shielding the ball from defenders on slants and in routes. Eddie also played JV basketball as a freshman so high pointing the ball is second nature to him in the red zone.

As good as Eddie is on offense, he may be even better on defense. A true leader, not only of the defensive backs, but the defense as a whole. Eddie has a high football IQ from his free safety position. He takes signals from the sideline and relays it to the players on the field as well as help them line up correctly depending on the opposing team’s formation. Eddie sees plays before they happen. He makes plays on the ball deep downfield or can meet your running back at the line of scrimmage. If he gets his hands on the ball he is always a threat to take it to the house for 6, whether it be an interception or punt and kick returns.

Eddie is popular and well liked by his peers, teachers and coaches. He is also a focused young man who sports a 3.35 GPA. Great family support is the foundation of Eddie’s success on and off the playing fields.

Eddie’s hard work this summer has paid off.  He is currently wearing jersey number 23 and is starting as the X receiver and playing special teams at Mesa High. He will also be a major contributor playing varsity basketball this winter for the defending state champion Jackrabbits.

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