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Reace Kinley has outstanding ball handling skills. As you take a closer look at this video you can clearly see Reace dribbling the ball with his left hand with equal strength and power and he has the ability to score left handed which is his off hand.

I think this is an incredible skill, something you must have to play the point guard position at the college level.

In this video, Reace Kinley is competing against very good competition and you can clearly see him play incredible defense.

Defensively he is pressuring the offensive man into making a bad play which results in Reese stealing the ball and scoring with strong drives to the basket or he will knock down any shot anywhere on the basketball court.

A lot of really good shooters sometimes are scared to take the ball to the basket but not Reace Kinley.

You can clearly see in the video that he will drive the ball to the basket and finish very strong. Reace Kinley is not intimidated to get in there and mix it up on the offensive end.

Reace Kinley Plays Big and Strong All the Time at the Point Guard Position

This young man plays like a small forward in a point guard’s body.

I think that will be a huge asset when it comes to the college recruiting process and gaining the attention of major college programs.

Major college point guards need to have the ability to distribute the basketball, dribble the ball with either hand, hit the open shots, have the ability to penetrate the defense and finish, play great defense and is not intimidated at all.

Those are the qualities that Reace Kinley has and I’m sure there are other intangibles that you cannot see watching video clips.

Reace Kinley is 6’2, 170lbs. He is a multiple sport athlete who has the passion to compete and get better athletically every day.

You can tell that by taking a serious look at this video and you can clearly see that he has a well-rounded basketball game.

I believe the real test will be during the AAU basketball season when Reace will test his skills among the top basketball players in the country.

If he plays like he does in these video highlights against the better competition, there’s no doubt in my mind he will attract the attention of a lot of college programs.

Reace Kinley is in the class of 2015, which means he has another year to get better and there’s no doubt he will do exactly that.

I believe the sky’s the limit for this outstanding basketball point. With another year to get better and to play against quality competition this will only enhance the overall basketball game of Reace Kinley.

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