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Dylen Kicherer: Height 6’5, Weight 220lbs.

Weyauwega-Fremont High School Class 2017

This young man is a student of the game. He’s constantly studying the game of football, looking for ways to get better.

His dream has always been to play college football at the highest level. We believe he has the talent and the physical athletic ability to compete at the college level.

If this young man was to get into the right football program and receive outstanding coaching, we believe his athletic ability would greatly improve.

Because of Dylen’s willingness to accept coaching and the work he puts in year round, we believe strongly that he has the potential to start as a college freshman.

Having the opportunity to meet Dylen, your coaching staff will be very impressed with this young man.

Dylen is very goal-oriented and we believe your coaching staff should take a serious look at Dylen Kicherer.

Dylen has the skills to change an entire game with his athletic ability, his incredible work ethic, and his passion to succeed.

Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Coachable
  2. He’s a student of the game
  3. Loves football
  4. Has attended many camps and showcases
  5. Is also a varsity wrestler

Final Thoughts:

Dylen loves football. He is a student of the game and he has the one things coaches can’t teach Size! Take a serious look today at Dylen Kicherer. He will not let you down.

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