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Does Going To Camp Help In The Recruiting Process

Really, does camp help student athletes get recruited for college?  In my opinion and what you will hear now in this podcast are my thoughts on camps.

Camps do have some value but I think the real value is for student athletes who can perfect their athletic ability.  Student athletes get a chance to, more or less, work on their game and develop their talent in the presence of college coaches.

Going to camp is a great way to get personal one on one instruction, but that’s about as far as it goes in my opinion.

To get recruited for college requires networking with college coaches and building relationships with those coaches over a long period of time.

It’s impossible to build relationships with college coaches if you sit back and do nothing. This is what happens with many parents of student athletes; they sit back and wait for college coaches to contact them.

One of the most ridiculous quotes I’ve ever heard was, “If you’re good enough they will find you.” This quote suggests that all student athletes have to do is be extremely talented and somehow their name will magically appear out of thin air and fall into the laps of college coaches.

Sadly, a large segment of the high school recruiting population believes strongly in that quote.

Someone, somewhere has to put the name of a student athlete into the hands of a lot of college coaches in order for that student athlete to begin the process of getting exposure.  Once exposure to college coaches has been established then the real recruiting process can begin.

To go from high school athlete to college athlete many things must take place.  Failure to take action and have the proper recruiting strategy and plan in place will result in college recruiting disaster.

Take a listen to the podcast, really listen to the thoughts and my points and opinions on this subject about camps and recruiting.

If you agree or disagree, do me a huge favor and leave your comments in the comments section below.

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