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Do You Have That Championship Mindset?

Business Coach For College Scouts & Recruiting Services 

A College Scout walks with an aura of confidence.

They exude a superior mindset knowing that all eyes are on them when they enter the arena of athletic competition.

Everything about you says College Scout from the clothes you wear, to the business cards you carry, your logo, your briefcase, to the shoes you wear.

Everything about you is a walking billboard for your recruiting service.

That shows confidence and superiority.

You’re at the game sitting in the stands, you pull out of your briefcase and open your laptop and begin typing names into your database. I guarantee you those who are watching the game will begin to slowly push their attention towards you, even if it’s for a brief moment.


The inexperienced Scout walks to the athletic field of play unprepared with no sense of style or professionalism.

They’re also lacking the necessary tools and intangibles to be viewed as credible by the skeptical public who hates recruiting services anyway.

The inexperienced Scout consistently loses business because of the lack of credibility mostly due to them being unprofessional and having weak presentation skills.

They are unable to master the intangibles needed for success because they are unwilling to open their minds to new ideas.

The experienced, more professional Scout exudes an aura of supreme confidence at every moment in their day-to-day activities as a College Recruiting Scout.

College Scouts are winners in every aspect and, with that type of mindset, success, with patience, is guaranteed for the long haul. The inexperienced will not be a threat to your territory.

The inexperienced will be unopposed to your existence and the weak-minded Scout will soon fade into oblivion.

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