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Desperation best describes how high school seniors feel at this point of their athletic lives.

Getting recruited for college has been the number one focus for many high school seniors, but for some reason, it is turning into a nightmare.  

What happened 12 months ago when the recruiting process was heating up?

What went wrong a year ago in the lives of student athletes for them to be in a desperate situation?

Having to rely on the Unsigned Senior Event is kind of the equivalent, in my opinion, of relying on government handouts.  

The Unsigned Senior Event is like going to a yard sale looking for that bargain at a reduced price.

I would think that if a college coach attended any of these Unsigned Senior Events, they must be in serious desperation for players and what does that really say about their athletic programs?

I am sure there are rare circumstances where student athletes find a college home because of these events.

The recruiting process for many student athletes is turning into a bad dream and it’s only getting worse every week where you don’t know what’s going to happen in your athletic future.

To avoid the embarrassment of having to attend these events student athletes, who are up and coming juniors or even sophomores, should seek out the help of a trained professional for proper representation.

Sadly, many of these Unsigned Senior Events happen at the end of the season when many college coaches have already got the players they’re looking to recruit.  

The Unsigned Senior Events actually should happen at the beginning of the school year when college coaches can come out and watch the players play.  

Now, for a small fee student athletes will pay money to an event organizer in the hopes that a college coach will be there.

The recruiting process is something you should not mess around with.  

Millions of high school student athletes are dragging their feet when they should be taking a proactive aggressive approach towards recruiting.  

Only a small percentage of high school athletes in this country get to pick and choose the college programs they want to play for.

A large percentage of high school student athletes do not have the luxury of picking which college they want to play for therefore, it’s critical to take advantage of every college recruiting opportunity available.

Why not hire trained professionals who have worked closely with student athletes and college programs and understand exactly how the recruiting process works to help you gain maximum exposure to college programs so you can avoid the embarrassment of having to play in some ridiculous event like the Unsigned Senior Event.

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