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Damon Dukes 

Recruiting Director: Bolivar, Tennessee

My name is Damon Dukes, I was born on November 20th 1987 in East St. Louis, Illinois. Starting at age 10 in 1997 is when I started falling in love with sports. My first time playing organized sports was as an 8th grader here in Tennessee playing Junior High football. I wasn’t the most talented one out there but I’ve always had heart and gave my all either on the practice field, in a game or in the classroom.

I wasn’t a starter but I played on the “B” team. I played only a year in a half in high school because of a wrist injury and decided to focus on my academics. My coaching experience was limited but a learning experience. Where I currently lived at (Bolivar, Tennessee). I coached youth football for a year, I didn’t win any games but learned a lot about coaching organized sports even if it is community-wide.

My purpose for joining Woods Recruiting is to provide parents an opportunity for their child to play college sports. Recruiting can be a stressful process when parents try to do it on their own or because of the limited resources they are provided. Let me be that guy to help your child chase his or her dreams on the long run.

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