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At Woods Recruiting, we measure success several different ways. 

Signups: The number of student athletes you can sign up monthly. We’re not concerned about the numbers of student athletes you don’t sign up, we only keep track of victories. If you were to talk with 30 families in one month and 15 of them signed up with you, would you worry about the 15 who didn’t? 

College Placement: At Woods Recruiting, we pride ourselves on placing every student athlete in college. There will come a time where a particular student athlete is hard to place. Our success rate is currently 95% in placing student athletes in college. 

Money: At the end of the day, this is still a business and we want all of our scouts to be successful by earning high commissions. The more money you earn as a scout, the more engaged you will be in the process. Money has a way of bringing the creativity out of everyone. 


This is a sales commission opportunity. Each scout is paid a commission for every student athlete they sign up.

Because of our very affordable price point, it is easy to sign up student athletes on a weekly basis.

Woods Recruiting success is due, in large part, to our affordable price point where our scouts are consistently signing up student athletes where there is a greater potential to earn large monthly commissions.


Our Intensive Training program will help new scouts develop strategies and techniques in order to sign up more student athletes.

Embrace the Intensive Training program process to learn more and to earn more.


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