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How to be a college scoutHow to be a college scout is the dream of many millions to assist student athletes with the recruiting process.

Woods Recruiting is looking for outstanding men and women who have the passion to help high school student athletes succeed.

Without college scouts many high school student athletes would dangerously slip through the cracks of the college recruiting process.

College recruiting scouts play a critical role in educating high school student athletes and parents on the overall college recruiting process.

To join the Woods Recruiting team it’s as simple as filling out the Qualification Form.

Please provide as much detailed information on your experience and knowledge of the recruiting process.


A Network: Do you have a network of connections already in place? Are you connected with high school and club coaches? Being known in the high school sports community is a plus.

Former Athlete: Are you a former high school, college, or professional athlete? Having a strong athletic background is a plus and would help in you relating your experiences with student athletes and parents.

Coach: Are you a former or current high school coach? Many high school coaches make great scouts because they can talk the talk and they understand the recruiting process. High school coaches will make outstanding college recruiting scouts because they are established in the community.

Club Coach: Current and former club coaches will make outstanding college recruiting scouts. Club coaches are currently working closely with student athletes and parents on a daily basis.

Sales Person: Sales experience would also be helpful. If you are someone who had a career outside of sports with a strong sales background and experience, this would be extremely helpful.

Sports Background: Those who work as personal trainers and who’ve coached and/or trained athletes, this would also be helpful and outstanding working as college recruiting scouts.

How To Be A College Scout

To be a part of the Woods Recruiting team, all of our scouts go through an Intensive Training Program.

We just don’t hire new scouts and send them out into the world without being properly trained on the ins and outs of the college recruiting process.

Having sports knowledge and a strong athletic background is a huge plus, but how to deliver a sales presentation to parents of high school student athletes is a totally different process altogether.

Ongoing training and support at Woods Recruiting is what we truly believe in for all of our scouts.

We want all of our scouts to be successful and the best way to achieve that goal is to receive proper training on a consistent and ongoing basis.

There are thousands of recruiting services and scouts who struggle to get new business or even maintain their business and I believe it’s due to lack of training.

We all know the difference between a football and basketball and could probably evaluate student athletes to determine at what level of college they can play.

But there’s more detailed information involved in being a college recruiting scout.

Working with student athletes and their parents is truly a rewarding career and being part of the Woods Recruiting team of scouts you will have the opportunity to play a major role on the lives of high school student athletes.

How To Be A College Scout

The President of Woods Recruiting, Al Woods, has been in the business since 1989. “I was not recruited out of high school and I felt terrible. I felt like I was good, but no coaches knew about me.”

Many high school student athletes are often under-recruited and overlooked by college programs.

If there were enough college programs that knew about student athletes on a consistent basis and receiving detailed information, then maybe the student athletes would not go unrecognized by college programs.

I believe there is a college home for every high school student athlete who has the athletic ability and the grades to play at the college level.

The role of the Woods Recruiting scout is to seek out all student athletes who dream of playing at the college level.

How To Be A College Scout

Click this link to the Qualification Form. Please provide as much detailed information about yourself and your experience.

At Woods Recruiting, we are adding new college recruiting scouts to our team every month.

We have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Those social media networks are very popular for high school student athletes, parents, and college coaches.

All of the Woods Recruiting scouts have a presence on social media.

Many of the Woods Recruiting scouts are looking to turn this opportunity into a full-time career.

The opportunity to grow your business locally can potentially lead to financial freedom where the income earned could lead to a full-time career as a college scout.

Fill out the Qualification Form to see if you have what it takes to be a scout at Woods Recruiting.

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