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The College Recruiting Process Is Not Limited To Seven Days Per Week With Holidays Off

Make no mistake about it, for student athletes the college recruiting process is not easy. You may have a better chance of hitting the lottery than getting a full athletic scholarship. You can buy lottery tickets anytime you want but you cannot buy a scholarship. With that being said, the student athlete’s parents and coaches should be actively pursuing a scholarship on a daily basis. If you do not take a hard core approach to actively pursuing an athletic scholarship chances are, you will not get one.

For example, let’s say in your home state there are 25 college programs from the division one and division two level combined and let’s go on to say that there are in your home state 100,000 high school football players or basketball players, it doesn’t matter the sport, and those 100,000 athletes are trying to get recruited by those 25 college programs.

The numbers are crazy when you think about it; 100,000 student athletes from a particular sport all trying to get into 25 college programs. When you really look at those numbers someone is not going to college on scholarship.

Twenty-five college programs divided into 100,000 high school student athletes equals 4,000!

This is some ridiculous math because some high school student athletes are not going to college on scholarship and may not get into college at all for their sport.

What this unbelievable math equation suggests is that you need to be way out in front of the college recruiting process from the day you walk through the door as a freshman in high school.

Various reports online and from other bloggers have suggested that one percent of high school student athletes from a particular sport will actually receive an athletic scholarship.

One percent of 100,000 high school student athletes equal 1,000. One thousand high school athletes, let’s say from the state of Ohio, will end up at the division one or division two level on some kind of scholarship. I really think the percentage is less than 1% of student athletes from a particular state that will end up on scholarship.

What is the solution?

1. You want to build a list of college programs from division one and division two levels. To increase your chances you may want to add college programs from the division three level and NAIA level. I know a lot of student athletes are not interested in college programs that play at the lower and sometimes unknown levels but, swallow your pride because you may have to do whatever you have to do to get in college.

2. Once you have identified the college programs contact those coaches. Handwritten letters are a great way to introduce you to college coaches. Another great way to get the word out about who you are and what you can do isby using video. Video is so powerful that if a college coach likes what they see in you they will come after you really strong, probably offering you a scholarship on the spot.

3. Follow-up with college coaches on a weekly or biweekly basis provided you have new information to give them. For example, you may have updated game video. This would be something great to send to show college programs your progress. As a student athlete you may have updates in your academic progress and you can share that as well.

Final Thoughts

With so many student athletes battling every day for those precious few scholarships, I think it’s critical that student athletes, with their parent’s help and high school coach’s assistance, come up with a plan to network with as many college programs as possible on a daily basis. Be proactive in the college recruiting process because a scholarship is not guaranteed and sometimes the best student athletes occasionally slip through the cracks of the recruiting process.


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