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What Is The College Recruiting Kiss Of Death?

The college recruiting Kiss of Death is procrastination on the part of parents of high school student-athletes.  

Quicksand is a slow death and that is what’s happening to parents of student-athletes.

They don’t know that they’re killing themselves every day by delaying the recruiting process.

College coaches are not waiting around for you.

College coaches don’t even know that you exist and that’s the problem.

Student-athletes and their parents are sitting back working extremely hard, but sitting back still. They’re working extremely hard in the classroom, but still sitting back and not getting their name out there.

Getting your name out there is a critical component to the recruiting process, but many student-athletes and parents refuse to take action and the results will be devastating.

playersMore bluntly, the college recruiting Kiss of Death is where parents do absolutely nothing.

Just merely attending camps is not enough to get recruited.

Just simply participating in the high school season is not enough to get recruited.  

Just having a lot of video is not enough to get recruited.  

Just relying only on your high school coach or a club coach is clearly not enough to get recruited.

These are the building blocks to getting recruited for college. Understand that every student athlete is doing exactly the same thing to get recruited and no one is separating themselves from the pack.

  1. Waiting for a high school coach to assist you is a problem because many high school coaches struggle with understanding the basic concepts of recruiting. I don’t know anything about coaching certain sports so I know I would struggle as well.
  1. Improper video. Video is a huge component in the recruiting process, but many parents of student-athletes get that process totally screwed up. Oftentimes the video is unwatchable. Do you really need to have rap music or hard rock playing in the background of your all-important college recruiting video?
  1.  The wrong club team. Every high school sport has a club travel team component attached to it. Many times the athletes are on the wrong club team playing in the wrong tournament in front of no one. College coaches want to see you play against top competition, but if you’re not at the right events you just wasted your money.
  1. Choosing the wrong colleges.
  2. Talking to the wrong coaches.
  3. Not focusing on academics.
  4. Poor standardized test scores.
  5. Unrealistic expectations.
  6. Trusting the wrong people.
  7. Changing high schools.
  8. Switching club teams.
  9. Criticism of the high school coach.
  10. Inappropriate behavior by parents.
  11. Ineffective time management.
  12. Stupidity.
  13. Ignorance.
  14. Your head stuck in the clouds.
  15. Ignoring the obvious.      

Recruiting becomes hopeless midway through a student-athlete’s senior year.

What do you expect to happen if you have burned up more than 12 months of valuable recruiting time?

You may be able to find a small college program, but you’re not going to be happy with what you get.

You may be able to find a college program, but it may not have what you’re interested in, in terms of a major.

You may be able to find a college program, but you may get stuck with an inexperienced college coach and then you end up transferring after a year.

You may end up finding several college programs that will be happy to take you, but are beneath your athletic ability.

You may be offered a walk-on situation, but I’m here to tell you, you would be better off going someplace else instead of walking-on at a major college program where the odds of actually playing are zero.

  1. You have chosen the wrong college program.
  2. You delayed the recruiting process far too long.
  3. You’ve invested in the wrong camps.
  4. You trusted the wrong coaches.
  5. You accepted the wrong advice.
  6. You waited too late for the standardized test.
  7. You changed high schools too many times.
  8. Overbearing parents.
  9. Helicopter parents.
  10. Unrealistic parents.
  11. Idiotic parents.

The college recruiting Kiss of Death is a long list of mistakes that are often made mainly on the part of parents.

The reason I say this is because I have personally seen it happen more than a million times.

basketball-one-on-oneFrom 1989 to present day,I have had what seems like a million conversations with parents about recruiting.

For the most part, many parents do not know what they’re doing.

Many parents explain to me their ideas and concepts of recruiting and they’re totally wrong and way off base.

In my countless conversations with parents of student-athletes, many have given me their ideal recruiting strategies of their exact plan of attack. Noble were their efforts, but still failing to reach the main target which is college coaches.

I’ve heard the countless frustrating stories where parents have attended a number of camps, shelling out thousands of hard-earned dollars and receiving next to nothing in exposure.

The long decades of stories of college recruiting disappointments is not totally the parents fault. The parents are just going by the old broken-down and shattered rules of recruiting that suggest they go to camps and play on club teams; wait for the high school coach to take action or a club coach who said they would help.

Recruiting can be a lonely place for parents and especially student-athletes when your well thought-out strategies begin to backfire.

Money is a valuable commodity and parents are willing to spend it to help their son or daughter land the coveted scholarship. Money is a component in the recruiting process and, if spent wisely, money can help in getting the recognition to college programs student-athletes deserve.

I have heard the horror stories from parents about recruiting. I’ve heard these stories for decades and nothing has changed. The one thing that has remained the same is the parents’ inability to move past their fears and sign up with Woods Recruiting.

We are here to help you. We’re not going to mess things up for you.

We are here to guide you and consult with you and help your child get as much exposure to college programs as possible.

You cannot recover from the college recruiting Kiss of Death. All it will takes is your making one critical mistake in the recruiting process then watching it blow up in your face and there’s nothing you can do to recover or even fix it.

Hire a trained professional who will guide you and help you to avoid disastrous mistakes in recruiting. Go with the trained experts at Woods Recruiting!

You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete and you should do everything in your power to achieve that goal!

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