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At some point during your college recruiting career you may fall into a slump.

Not being able to close the sale and get business drives many college recruiters to give up and quit. Being a college recruiter is not like a normal job where you show up, do your work and get a paycheck.

Falling into a slump will happen just like it does with other professional athletes. Falling into a slump is an evil situation for college recruiters. A slump of not getting new business can drain your energy and have a negative impact on the weeks and months ahead.

You can have a slump with a normal job and it’s no big deal because you’ll bounce back, and there’s no pressure if you have an off couple of weeks.

College recruiters don’t have the luxury of taking a couple of weeks off and will try to figure out what they did wrong or what they can do better. Being a college recruiter is all about getting business every day and growing your business every single day.

As a college recruiter, you’re only as good as the last payment you received from a parent of a high school student athlete.

Here are my thoughts on what a slump could do to you!

A. A prolonged slump as a college recruiter could force college recruiters into making bad choices and decisions. Some college recruiting services sign up student athletes only for the money even though those high school student athletes cannot play in college.

B. To bust your way out of a slump some recruiting services will stretch the truth or tell a few lies in order to get that parent to write a check. Those recruiters who do under-handed strategies are weak or desperate for new business and will not be a college recruiter very long by giving in to unscrupulous behavior.

C. Winging it or, in other words, making it up as you go along as a college recruiter. A huge number of recruiting services have no strategy on how to get new business. Many recruiting services make it up as they go along without any real goals or direction. As a college recruiter, what does your sales presentation sound like?

What does your sales presentation look like? If you do not have a strategy from top to bottom on how to close the sale, you’ll always struggle as a college recruiter.

There are ways to break out of your slump and to move forward for long-lasting success.

1. Presentation: Write down your opening presentation to a parent of a high school student athlete. Read over your presentation; analyzing on how you can improve it. You should always have a presentation that says who you are, what your recruiting service is about and how you can help the family.

Your presentation should be in writing so you can analyze it, adjust it and improve on it. Also, why not try recording your presentation? By having the presentation recorded, you can hear how you sound and what adjustments or improvements you might need to make.

2. Questions: Asking questions is an important part of the sales closing process. Maybe you’re not asking enough questions or the right questions. Think seriously about the kinds of questions you want to ask parents of student athletes so that they will be comfortable and forthcoming with a great deal of information.

The more questions you ask of parents the more you’ll be able to uncover their secrets. Write down at least 20 questions to ask parents and practice with these questions until you have them memorized.

3. Tie-downs: A tie-down is tying down a parent of a student athlete on a specific point.

Example: “Mr. Smith, don’t you agree that your son has the ability to play at the division one level?”

Example: “Mr. Smith, your daughter is an outstanding basketball player who has a lot of talent and ability to play at the next level isn’t that right?

Example: “Mr. Smith, can’t you see by contacting 50 college programs it will give your son more options to be recruited?”

4. Prospecting for leads. As a college recruiter, this is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the better you will do. Many recruiters have a hard time generating new leads. It could be that they’re not talking to a enough people every month.

5. Closing: The closing question for many college recruiters brings a great deal of anxiety because this is the moment of truth where you tell anxious parents the price and you convince them to write you a check. Review your closing question and analyze what you’re going to say to parents.

It’s important to remember when asking a closing question to be silent and wait for the parents to respond. If you speak first, you will lose the sale.

Final thoughts

To break out of a slump is to go back and practice your entire presentation, sometimes writing it down word for word and reading it out loud. You can also record your presentation playing it back and studying it.

When listening to yourself deliver your presentation from beginning to end, how do you sound? You may want to videotape your presentation; how do you look and sound? All of this is part of being a college recruiter and can help you get out of that slump.

Now get out there and make some money!

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