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The College Match

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Every high school student-athlete is unique. They have a unique skill-set that may require certain college programs to target.

The Division I level is the highest level in all the college athletics. If you can play at this level, congratulations. Every high school student-athlete has a dream school they’d like to play at.

Our job at Woods Recruiting is to match your athletic skill-set and academic strength to as many Division I college programs that you are qualified to compete at.

Division II college athletics is not as popular as the Division I, but it does present a lot of unique and positive challenges.

Keep in mind that every student-athlete cannot play at the DI level, so there is the DII level where they also offer scholarships and strong financial packages.

Division III college athletics does not offer athletic scholarships. However, these school are very competitive.

There are so many student-athletes competing at the DI and DII levels that there’s not enough scholarships to go around.

There is availability at the DIII level. Many of these DIII college programs have fantastic athletic facilities and you’re going to get a great education. Years ago, DIII used to be very weak in terms of athletic talent, but those days are long gone.

Junior College. Playing at the junior college level is an opportunity. It is not a slap in the face. Sometime student-athletes have to play at the junior college level because they did not qualify academically.

There are different levels of junior college athletics and it’s important to select the right opportunity.

Final Thoughts:  When choosing a college program it’s important to understand many different factors.

Is that college program right for you? Do they have what you plan to major in? Have you developed a rapport with the coaching staff? Do you like the athletic facilities? Is the college campus appropriate?

Do the towns surrounding the college have what you need and what you’re looking for? It’s very very important to select the appropriate college program.

The last thing you want to be doing is transferring after one year. It’s important to do your best, to give your best effort, and to work as hard as you possibly can to be the best!

There are thousands of high school student-athletes every single day who, athletically as well as academically, will fight for an opportunity to get a college scholarship or a strong financial package.

It is a privilege to be able to compete at any college level.

Exposure. Recruitment. College Placement.

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