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As recruiting rankings continue to grow more accurate, they’re now to a point at which they can help tell us which teams are ready to compete for titles.

Every BCS champion since recruiting rankings could be accurately tracked (2005, or four classes after Scout joined Rivals in rating players) has met a benchmark: it’s recruited more blue-chips (four- and five-star players) than lesser-rated players over its four previous signing classes.
Championships demand elite recruiting ¬†And since those blue-chips are rare — roughly 300 of them per year, with more than 10,000 scholarships to fill nationwide at the FBS level — the teams that get blue-chips¬†crush those who sign a lower-rated level of recruits.

Coaching stability, attrition management, player development, scouting, support and a host of other factors have a lot to do with a team’s success. But even doing all of those things well, it is very hard for a program to stay at an elite level if it’s not bringing in a lot of top talent. Read more.

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