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For as far back as anyone can remember, college programs have broken rules, have violated NCAA rules, college programs have been put on probation, and some programs have even received the death penalty, but it still does not stop college coaches from cheating.

College coaches are paid millions of dollars, but when they are caught cheating to win games or were caught cheating when they won championships, they don’t have to give that money back.

College programs have had victories vacated and championship banners removed, but those coaches who were in violation of some of the most serious NCAA rules have never had to give back their coaching salaries.

Some of those coaching rule breakers will even end up coaching at another major program somewhere else and given another opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

Look at the Ohio State football program, every coach scents Woody Hayes, has left that program mired in scandal or some kind of serious rules violation.

Ohio State football, has been among the top college football programs for ever but they also have that black cloud hanging over their program because of what previous coaches have done.

High school student athletes are heavily recruited by these major college programs and because of the full athletic scholarships offered, the opportunity to play on TV, the chance to play your sport in front of thousands of screaming fans, and the chance to play in a tournament game or a bowl game, I would think it would be almost impossible for student athletes to say no to a college program that may or may not have been involved in some of those rules violations.

What student athlete, do you know would say ‘no’ to a scholarship from a college program that is about to be put on probation by the NCAA?

College coaches have been know to cheat!

College programs cheat; student athletes will still accept scholarships from low-down, diabolical, cheating coaches.

College coaches are crazy and will do anything to win, even if it means stretching the rules of the NCAA as far as they can, they will do it all in an effort to win games.

It’s all about the money; if money was not a factor in college sports nobody would care one way or the other.  Because money is a huge factor, college presidents often put their heads in the sand when they suspect one of their coaches of cheating.

The parents of high school student athletes only want the best for their student athlete and would not care if a college program was cheating or breaking rules as long as their kid received a full athletic scholarship and a chance to play their sport.

No matter how many rules violations a college program has or years put on probation, the program always comes back sometimes stronger than before like nothing has ever happened.  Sometimes I think the punishment for NCAA rules violations that are serious in nature are not severe enough.

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