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Clive Allen A Little But Talented Point Guard

Clive Allen, point guard out of Bronx, New York is attracting the attention of some major college programs.

But I’m really not sure why! He can handle the ball with both hands, but my concern is the fact that he is barely 6’0 ft. tall.

The trend these days in college basketball are for guards who stand 6’3 or 6’4 and anything other than that is really small.

I’ve seen several videos and the talent he’s competing against is basically on his same level. Sure, he can hold his own against other high school players, but sometimes what you do at the high school level does not always translate to college.

College programs are looking for combo guards, those players who can play great defense, handle the basketball, drive to the basket and be able to shoot it anywhere on the floor.

Gone are the days of the traditional point guard where he’s a distributor of the basketball. Now point guards are being asked to do more and they’re looking for bigger players at that position.

Clive Allen is good and will probably play somewhere, in my opinion, at a low division one program at best.

College programs are looking for bigger players to play the point guard position. If you noticed the trend in the NBA they’re looking for bigger point guards who can do more than just bring the ball up.

Clive Allen is a big-name player out of New York, but there are hundreds of other players around the country that we’ve never heard of and who are better than this player.

Recruiting on a national level is different because college programs have the ability to recruit players from all over the country. Smaller college programs do not always have that luxury because of budget constraints.

Overall, Clive Allen will probably gain a lot of attention from division one programs, but I would not be surprised if the ends up at the division two level.

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