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Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson: 6’7, 195 lbs.

Fossil Ridge High School in Keller, Texas, Class 2018

GPA 2.7

Josh is very athletic and played a key role in the Panthers’ play-off run of the 2016-17 season.
Josh is an outstanding rebounder and shot blocker. He plays aggressively around the basket, has a good mid-range shot and is capable of knocking down the 3 pointer. Josh averages 1.5 blocks and 8 rebounds per game.

Josh plays club ball for the Texas Express Cobras. He runs the floor well in transition both offensively and defensively. Josh has a variety of post moves along with a good jump hook.

Josh stated that one of his main goals in the off-season is to develop his upper body strength which will definitely enhance his game around the basket. Josh is left handed and that, along with his athletic ability, makes him even more effective in the post. He is also a good free-throw shooter.

With great discipline and continuous hard work, Josh is going to develop into a high-caliber impact player at the next level. Josh is a very capable student athlete with a GPA of 2.7 and improving. He is waiting for results from his SAT scores.

Kenneth McKenzie

Kenneth McKenzie High School Football Recruit 2021

Height 6’2, Weight 230lbs.

Menasha High School 

GPA: 3.71

Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Coachable
  2. He’s a student of the game
  3. Loves football
  4. Has attended (UW Oshkosh Football Camp)
  5. Is also a wrestler and track team member

This young man is a student of the game. He’s constantly studying the game of football looking for ways to get better.

His dream has always been to play college football at the highest level. We believe he has the talent and the physical athletic ability to compete at the college level.

If this young man was to get into the right football program and receive outstanding coaching, we believe his athletic ability would greatly improve.

Because of Ken’s willingness to accept coaching and the work he puts in year-round, we believe strongly that he has the potential to start as a college freshman.

Having the opportunity to meet your coaching staff will be very impressive to this young man.

Ken is very goal-oriented and we believe your coaching staff should take a serious look at Kenneth McKenzie.

Kenneth has the skills to change an entire game with his athletic ability, his incredible work ethic, and his passion to succeed.

Final Thoughts:

Ken loves football. He is a student of the game and he has the one thing coaches can’t teach: Size! Take a serious look today at Ken McKenzie . He will not let you down!

Andrew Eberhardt

Andrew Eberhardt: Class of 2018, 6’1″ 155lbs.

Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland, TX.

GPA: 4.7 SAT: 1320

Andrew has a high basketball IQ, which shows on the floor when plays the 1 or 2 guard position. Andrew is not only a scoring threat, he is also capable of orchestrating the offense to give other players scoring opportunities. Andrew is an excellent ball handler and passer and has excellent 3 point shooting range.

Andrew is very fundamentally sound with shot fakes, passes and a variety of off the dribble moves which keeps the defense off balance. Andrew plays well in every phase of the game, he plays outstanding defense and can rebound and put the team in transition for easy baskets. Andrew is an excellent student with a GPA of 4.7 with AP courses and an SAT score of 1320. Andrew’s class ranking is 131of 565. Andrew is a member of the French National Honors Society and National Society of High School Scholars.

Andrew will graduate taking 5 AP courses. Andrew is a quality student-athlete equipped to play at the next level. If you feel Andrew can help your program please contact us at Woods Recruiting. Andrew will definitely impact someone’s basketball program.

Jonathan Gomez

Jonathan Gomez: Height 5’11”, Weight 210

High School: Wharton in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Linebacker, Class 2018, GPA 3.06

-Great Motor -Sideline to Sideline player -Moves well -Extremely hard worker in the off season both in the weight room and on his speed
-Hard Hitting.

Activities: Varsity Football Letterman Sophomore, Junior & Senior year Varsity Wrestling Letterman Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior year. Active member of Lifepoint Church with 120 hours earned of community service.

“My dream has always been to play football at the next level. I’ve been working hard training in the off-season and going to camps to showcase my talents. I am a dynamic player who can be an asset to the football program.”

Achievements & leadership roles:
-Wrestling Conference Champion
-NCAA Division I and II Qualifier
-Wrestling Regional Qualifier
-King Pin Award 2017

-Football Team Captain

-Wrestling Team Captain

What Coaches Say About Jonathan:
“Hardest worker on the team”
“A true leader”
“One of the most coachable players I have ever had”
“A great competitor on and off the field”

Eugene Winkel

Eugene Winkel: Height  6’5, Weight 290lbs.

High School: Green Bay Preble Class 2020

GPA 2.8

Major: Veterinarian, Sports Management

Big sophomore that has a good nature off the field. Works hard and lives in the weight room all summer. Looking to make more of an impact this season. Learning the game and being a great teammate is my main focus. Physical D-Lineman that likes to get after the QB and stop the run.

It has always been my dream to play college football. I have watched all my life and I believe with coaching, dedication to getting better, and reps that I can get better each day and compete. I love the team aspect of college football.

Trae Beard

Trae Beard: 6’1″ 171lbs. Point Guard

Plays club basketball with Texas Express/ Singleton and his school team is Dallas Samuell HS.

GPA 3.4 SAT 1060

Trae is an excellent point guard who plays with “High Energy”. Trae attacks the basket and finishes well with both hands.

Trae does an outstanding job orchestrating the offense, plays great defense and can rebound the basketball putting the team in transition or easy scoring opportunities.Trae is an outstanding floor leader, he is the type of player you want on the floor to ignite the offense into fast break mode creating great shot opportunities.

Trae sees the floor well, has a very high basketball IQ, and has great defensive anticipation.
Trae is a threat to score not only off the dribble, but has a good outside shot with 3-point shooting range.

Trae is an all around player who can guard any position on the perimeter.
Trae is very coachable with an outstanding attitude, great character, integrity and is a real floor general and a great team player.
Trae will be an impact player at the next level.

Trae is waiting for results from his SAT test and has a 3.4 GPA.

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