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Jason Geter

Jason Geter
Scouting Director: Lincolnton, NC

Jason is a husband and father of two children. Jason has been involved in sports since 1987 when he started playing youth football and basketball. Jason turned out to pretty good football player, being able to make to the 1998 Shrine Bowl his senior year which features the top 50 players from North Carolina against South Carolina.

Jason attended Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, TN. In Jason’s senior year, he was a nominee for the Cactus Bowl Division II All-Star game. Jason graduated from Carson-Newman with a degree in Psychology. After college Jason signed a contract to play in the Arena Football League. Jason was able to play for three different teams during his career.

After Jason’s playing career ended he began helping in his community mentoring youth as well as coaching little league sports. Jason believes that this is where it truly starts. Jason found pleasure in being able to shape and mold young athletes and being able to teach the fundamentals of the game.

Jason has worked with many high school athletes and he has a great relationship with parents and athletes within his community.

Jason has a great deal of experience from sports and going through the recruiting process himself. With Jason’s experience he will be able to lead student athletes and their parents down the right path.

Dwuana Lee

Dwuana “Dafne” Lee

Recruiting Director: Winchester, VA; Hagerstown, Frederedrick, and Baltimore, MD


University of Maryland, BS Coppin State University Graduate School (Active)

Professional Summary: quite simply I am a person with the leadership, knowledge and organizational skills to get the job done with excellence. Planning to make an impact on student-athletes, the university and the local, national and international communities

High School Coaching Experience

Western High School

(2011-2014) MPSSA 4A Regionals

MPSSAA Regional Semi-finals (2011, 2013, 2014)

Coppin Academy High School (2008-2011)

**BCPSS Charter School League Champions (2008-2010)

2009 Undefeated Season 14-0

2010 Record 15-2

2011 Record 16-3

Overall Record 45-5!

Forest Park High School (2007-08)

First .500 winning season ever!!! Record (8-8)

South Side Academy High School (1999-2007)

BCPSS 1st Inaugural Undefeated Season 2001-02 Record 15-0!

** MPSSAA Championship-2005, MPSSAA Finalist-(2004, 2006), MPSSAA Semi-Finals- (2004-2006)

College Coaching Experience

Hagerstown Community College (Assistant Coach) 2014-2016

2014-15 Regional Finalists, 2014-15 Maryland JUCCO Tournament Finalist

2015-16 Regional Champions!, 2015-16 Maryland JUCCO Tournament Champions!

2015-16 NJCAA D2 Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament participants

Baltimore City Community College- (Assistant Coach) 1999-2000

Baltimore Community College of Catonsville- (Associate Head Coach) 1994-96 & (1998-1999)

Amateur Playing Experience

University of Maryland 1988-92

1988-89 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Final Four

Final Four, ACC Regular Season Champions and ACC Tournament Champions

1990- NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Sweet 16

1990- United States Sports Festival Olympic

Gold Medalist- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Grabbed School Scoring Record in ACC League Play (39pts) vs. WakeForest

1991- NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Sweet Sixteen

1992- Team Ranked #1 in AP Women’s Division I Collegiate Basketball,

NCAA Women’s Basketball Division I Elite “8”

Professional Playing Experience


1993- Switzerland-(Nike-Pully) Division 1 League

1994- Belgium-(Eos Deist) Division 1 League Champions

1995- Israel D1-ASA Jerusalem

1996- Greece D1League

1997- Israel- Elite Shur Holon: Rhonchetti Cup Division 1 Champions, Israeli Division 1 League

1998-99- China Elite Exhibition Team

Educational Experience:

Coppin State University: 2011-current

Graduate School of Education> concentration: (Special Education)

University of Maryland College Park: 1988-93 concentration: (Family and Consumer Science)

Walbrook High School: 1984-1988: concentration: (College Preparatory)

Dwuana “Dafne” Lee is a Baltimore native and basketball connoisseur.  Raised in the Cherry Hill community, Lee’s love for basketball and her precise skill in the game was nurtured first by family, friends and community leaders from her Cherry Hill neighborhood.  When her family relocated to the Walbrook Junction community, Lee continued her involvement in sports and became a star player at Walbrook Senior High School.

After graduating from Walbrook Senior High School, Lee enrolled at the University of Maryland, College Park and became a star NCAA Division I Women’s basketball player. Her many accolades as a collegiate ball player includes the opportunity to be part of a 1988-89 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Final Four player; Final Four, ACC Regular Season Champions and ACC Tournament Champions player; 1990- NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Sweet 16 player; 1990- United States Sports Festival Olympic Gold Medalist- Minneapolis, Minnesota; 1991- NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Sweet Sixteen player; 1992- Team Ranked #1 in AP Women’s Division I Collegiate Basketball player; and NCAA Women’s Basketball Division I Elite “8” player.

Upon graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park, Lee became a highly sought after overseas, professional basketball player. Her professional basketball career began in 1993 on a Division I (Nike-Pully) League in Switzerland. In 1994, Lee was part of the Division I League Champions in Belgium, In 1995, she played Division I basketball in Israel.  In 1996, Lee was part of a Division I League in Greece.  In 1997, she played for the Israeli Division I League, and her team won the Elite Shur Holon: Rhonchetti Cup Division I championship. From 1998-99, Lee played on the China Elite Exhibition Team.

After retiring from playing pro basketball, Lee started coaching college and high school basketball.  From 1994 –1996 and from 1998-1999, she served as the Associate Head Basketball Coach at Baltimore City Community College.  From 1999 – 2000, Lee served as the Assistant Basketball Coach at Baltimore City Community College.  From 2014 – 2016, she coached winning teams in the NJCAA Division II Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament, the 2015-16 JUCCO Tournament Championship (regional champions), and the 2014 – 2015 Maryland JUCCO Tournament championship (finalists). From 2014 – 2016, Lee served as the Assistant Coach at Hagerstown Community College.  Currently, she assists with recruitment at Frederick Community College.

As a high school basketball coach, Lee has led several local high school teams to championships including Western High School (2011-2014 MPSSA 4A Regionals & MPSSAA Regional Semi-finals in 2011, 2013 & 2014); Coppin Academy High School (2008-2011); BCPSS Charter School League Champions (2008-2010); Forest Park High School (2007-08); and South Side Academy High School (1999-2007). Lee’s most important job has been raising her teen son, R.J. Blakney. She is grooming him to continue their family’s basketball legacy.

Lavel Mayberry

Lavel Mayberry

Area Scout: Gilbert and South Chandler, Arizona

Lavel Mayberry was born and grew up in Winslow, Arizona. During high school he was a three sport athlete: football, basketball and baseball.  With hard work he was able to be part of the All-American Game as a senior, as well as Best of the West Player of the Year in 1998.

In college, he was a dual athlete playing baseball and football at the University of Arizona until 2002.  From there he decided baseball was for him and played for six years for the Seattle Mariners and also for the New York Mets.

After a career-ending injury he started coaching youth football with the championship Chandler Diablos and most recently AYF Valor. He has won seven national championships coaching at different levels in youth football from ages in Mighty Mite to junior high school ball.  In conjunction with youth sports, he is currently coaching linebackers at Perry High School for the last three years.

Erik Dougherty

Erik N. Dougherty

Recruiting Director
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a college recruiter, I can leverage my vast experience as a successful Athlete, Coach, and Business Owner. My community connections and associations along with The Woods Recruiting pipeline will be a valuable asset in helping my student athletes. I am known for outstanding service, providing responsive and personal communications. I work with my athletes with their family’s interests at heart.

I strongly believe it is not only my duty to represent my athletes to the best of my ability, but also educate them through every step of the recruiting process armed with top notch information. This will ensure that my athletes will have all the pertinent information to make their best decisions possible for themselves, their family, and most of all, their future.

Everyone calls me “Doc”. I am a man with a strong presence and good reputation in the local community. I started a basketball coaching career aiding in the startup and building of the Perkiomen Valley Biddy Basketball League for five years. I then accepted an offered position, where I spent 10 years at my alma mater Perkiomen Valley High School coaching the boys’ basketball program.

I am devoted to teaching and developing students in several local basketball organizations. I get a great deal of satisfaction from being entrusted by parents to work with and guide their children on and off the basketball court.
Over the years, I have been a very active participant in many local organizations, such as local chambers, youth athletics, AAU basketball programs, Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (officiating, coaching), fire companies, chef associations and school districts. I enjoy helping others and dedicating my time to contribute to the local community.

I enjoy attending all high school sporting events and look forward to seeing many of you on the courts or the fields in the future.

Looking forward to helping my students athletes and families achieve their goals.

Taylor Witteck

Taylor Witteck: High School Soccer Recruit 2019
Height 5’5, Weight 120lbs.
Sophomore  DePere High School
GPA: 3.75

Recruiting Intangibles:
1. Coachable.
2. She’s a student of the game.
3. Loves soccer and basketball
4. Has attended many camps and showcases
5. Is also a varsity basketball player

Final Thoughts:
Taylor loves soccer.  She has a high soccer IQ.  Take a serious look today at Taylor Witteck. She will not let you down.

This young lady is a student of the game. She’s constantly studying the game, looking for ways to get better.

Her dream has always been to play college sports at the highest level. We believe she has the talent and the physical athletic ability to compete at the college level.

If Taylor was to get into the right program and receive outstanding coaching, we believe her athletic ability would greatly improve.

Because of Taylor’s willingness to accept coaching and the work she puts in year-round, we believe strongly that she has the potential to start as a college freshman.

Having the opportunity to meet Taylor your coaching staff will be very impressed with her.

Taylor is very goal-oriented and we believe your coaching staff should take a serious look at Taylor Witteck.

Taylor has the skills to change an entire game with her athletic ability, incredible work ethic, and her passion to succeed.

Athletic Achievements
De Pere HS Freshman Basketball MVP 2015-2016 season -De Pere HS JV Basketball MVP 2016-2017 season -DePere High School Varsity soccer leading scorer 2016 season -Second-team FRCC All-Conference honors as a freshman for soccer 2016 -1 v 1 Champion at UW-Eau Claire Soccer Camp.

Jakarri Thomas

Jakarri Thomas: Height 6’3”, 222lbs

Class of 2018 Junior at C.E. Ellison High School in Killeen, Texas

Academics:  GPA: 3.4  SAT: 920  ACT: 19

Jakarri is the type of player that is a coach’s dream. He doesn’t say a lot, but he gets the job done. He would be a pleasure for any coach because all he does is go out on the court and do his job.

He just happens to apply that same drive in the classroom as well. You want a student-athlete that will run through a brick wall for your program.

Jakarri will not only do that, but he will come back and ask if you want him to rebuild it. That’s just the type of person that he is.

His size allows him to be able to absorb contact in the paint and finish the play. He can also step outside and shoot, so he is a threat to do a lot of things on the court.

Jakarri is an energetic player who knows the difference between playing hard and hardly playing.  The game comes naturally to him.  One of his coaches describes him as having a high basketball IQ.

He is becoming more consistent with his three point shooting. He can handle the ball on the perimeter and possesses a decent mid-range jumper.  His teammates describe him as someone who can see the good in every situation and have a positive attitude.  Is this type of student-athlete that you need in your program? Of course, it is.  While the game of basketball is all about numbers from the scoreboard to the stat sheets, Jakarri takes numbers very serious.  He wants to major in accounting.  Will he put up the numbers to lead your team to victory?  Make him an offer that he cannot refuse.  He’s ready.

Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Drive
  2. Discipline
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Focus
  5. Commitment

Final Thoughts:

This sums up what Jakarri is about: “Pressure is the uneasy feeling that you get if you’re unprepared”-Tom Herman (Head Football Coach, Texas Longhorns)

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