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We’re looking for those individuals who are connected with high school student-athletes.

Are you a coach? Are you someone connected with student-athletes on the club level?

What is your relationship with student-athletes?

Those are all major pluses in joining the Woods Recruiting team.

Learn The Process

Being a college Scout at Woods Recruiting is a different situation altogether.

Many of you have never been Scouts. There are different things that you need to learn in terms of the terminology that we use and the expectations we have for all of our Scouts.

We generally meet with our Scouts on a consistent basis to go over the strategies that are required to achieve total success.

Your Success

We’re looking to hire those dedicated individuals who are passionate about student-athletes.

Do you believe you have what it takes to be a college Scout? Are you driven for success? Are you dedicated for success. Are you wired for success?

The college recruiting process is challenging and we need individuals who are ready to accept the challenge to assist student-athletes and their parents.


Work one-on-one with student-athletes and their parents, guiding them through the challenges of the college recruiting process.

Going from high school athlete the college athlete is not easy.

It’s critical to have a college Scout guiding you through the challenges of the recruiting process.

Club And High School

Use the network you have with club and high school coaches to develop relationships with student-athletes.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of high school and club programs in your high school sports community.


Put on your own showcase. Whatever sport you want to specialize in a showcase can be a great way to establish yourself as a college Scout cementing your reputation in the community for years to come.


Build a powerful network of high school coaches, club coaches, and athletic directors.

This is part of the process of being a college Scout.

There are huge benefits to growing your network.

Athletic Profile

Every student-athlete has an Athletic Profile. This information highlights what the student-athlete can do athletically as well academically.

There are pictures and videos of student-athletes on all of our Profiles.
The Athletic Profile is a critical piece of the recruiting process and is used to introduce the student-athletes to college programs.
Social Media

We encourage all of our Scouts to be active on social media. The most popular social media websites are Facebook and Twitter.

We ask that you talk about recruiting and give your thoughts and opinions about the process.

You may also want to share videos and pictures of high school sporting events you are attending.


The parents are a major part of the college recruiting process. Mistakes in the process are often made by the parents using poor judgment and lack of quality information. Part of our responsibility is to educate the parents on the recruiting process. We want to avoid mistakes that could lead to potential recruiting disasters.

Attending Games

Your role as a college Scout is to attend games.This is how you will build your network.

As a college Scout you want to strengthen your reputation in the high school sports community.

We believe one of the best ways to do that is to attend high school sporting events.

Join The Woods Recruiting Team Today

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