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Nothing is impossible!

There are millions of high school student athletes who have been told that they will never get an athletic scholarship.

There are always so-called experts evaluating the talent level of high school student athletes who never played high school or college sports.

These experts write on their websites and blogs how good, bad or ugly a particular student athlete’s athletic ability might be.

You have millions of student athletes who spend a huge amount of time playing their sport.

At some point in time those student athletes will develop a love or a passion for that sport.

When a student athlete develops the desire to play their sport just about every single day, those student athletes have now accepted the challenge to take that talent to the college level.

It is a validation of one’s athletic ability at the high school level to advance to the college level.

Failure on the part of any high school student athlete to secure an athletic scholarship or a strong financial package at the college level is a failure on their athletic ability, talent and skill among their peers.

In the history of high school and college athletics there have been countless numbers of student athletes who were told they could never play in college.

There are huge numbers of high school student athletes who beat the odds and were awarded an athletic scholarship. Some of those so-called under-achieving athletes even made it all the way to the professional ranks.

There have been many athletes coming out of high school that did not get a full athletic scholarship, but were a preferred walk-on and later, in their sophomore year, did earn a full athletic scholarship.

For high school student athletes, just because you are a not a superstar by the 11th or 12th grade doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

There have been many over-achieving, superstar high school athletes who received an athletic scholarship but amounted to nothing in college.

You have countless stories of practically invisible student athletes getting an athletic scholarship that came from high schools in the middle of nowhere or were never ranked by those so-called recruiting expert websites.

An Athletic Scholarship Is Not Impossible

I think the reason why someone tells a student athlete they are not going to get a scholarship or that they cannot play college athletics is because it’s not news-worthy.

When you go to some of those websites that intensively cover the activities of high school student athletes who were over-achievers, there’s a story to tell.

There are hundreds of recruiting websites that aggressively report on who is recruiting which particular athlete and where they may end up in college.

Many of these websites are run by individuals who never played at the college level but have anointed themselves college recruiting experts.

How can you call yourself an expert when you have not walked in the shoes of a college student athlete or understood the hard work, the struggle and the sacrifices it took for that athlete to reach the college level?

Think about this for a moment: when you’re watch a sporting event on TV, you’ll have the play-by-play broadcaster and sitting next to that broadcaster is the analyst who is generally someone who has played that sport in order for them to offer their expert professional analysis on the play-by play-game action.

On a sports broadcast, there would not be anyone sitting next to the play-by-play guy who has no credibility when offering their opinion if they’ve never played the sport.

Now there are websites written by individuals, who probably don’t know the difference between a football and a basketball, but are allowed to deliver an opinion that could have some kind of impact on a high school student athlete’s athletic future.

Sometimes it goes deeper when there’s a coach who will tell a student athlete that an athletic scholarship is not in their future.

My message to those student athletes is to use that criticism as a tool to motivate yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a bombardment of negative comments to motivate a student athlete to get that athletic scholarship.

We hear countless stories of athletes being too small or too slow or just not big enough to get an athletic scholarship.

Time and time again those athletes end up blocking out the negative noise, using it as motivation to get better every day.

There is a lot of foolish conversation from those who know nothing about a particular student athlete or what’s inside their heart.

Only those student athletes who possess superior athletic ability and who have good grades that are generally awarded an athletic scholarship.



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