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Have your business featured in the Woods Recruiting Business Directory. All we need is an image of your company’s logo, a brief description about your business, and a link back to your website.

Woods Recruiting is a college recruiting website where we assist high school student athletes in landing athletic scholarships for college.

Our Readers Are Largely Made Of:

  1. High school student athletes.
  2. Parents of high school student athletes.
  3. High school and club coaches.
  4. College coaches.
  5. Fans who enjoy high school and college sports.

The readers of our website are consumers of athletic products and services and would clearly be interested in the products and/or services you have to offer.

Our business directory is easy to navigate and I’m sure our readers will spend time browsing through the many businesses that are listed in our directory.

Exposure is critical for any business and being able to attract potential customers from our current readership or through Google search is vital to the growth of any business.

Social Media:

Woods Recruiting has a large and growing presence on many of the top social media websites. A large percentage of our traffic comes from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Student athletes, parents, and coaches are drawn to the Woods Recruiting website because of the information they have seen, heard, or read on social media.

Our traffic is a huge bonus to Woods Recruiting and could be a vital benefit for your business because it would be listed in our business directory.

Get Started Today!

Getting started is simple: Just send us your logo, dimension size 350 X 250 would be appropriate, along with a brief description of your product and/or service and a link back to your website.


The cost for your company’s inclusion in the Woods Recruiting Business Directory is $49.95 per month for three consecutive months. The total amount is $149.85.

Thank you,

Al Woods


Woods Recruiting



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