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Parents You Are Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb

Parents You Are Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb

The clock is ticking in the college recruiting process, time is slipping away.

Parents of student-athletes do not realize they are in a critical situation.

You have been approached by one of our college scouts. You’ve actually had a conversation with one of our scouts. And you’ve told him or her that you want to “think about it” or that you want to “hold off for a while.” Why???

What I’m about to tell you is fact: These are not the rules of Woods Recruiting. These are the rules of the college recruiting process based on the information given to us by college coaches.

They want to know about the student-athlete, they don’t want to wait to hear about it, they want to know about the student-athlete now.

College coaches are interested in learning as much as they can about a student-athlete so they can know if it’s worth their time to recruit them.

This process of evaluation needs to take place 10th grade or 11th grade year. It still can be done in the 12th grade year, but you are limiting your options by your senior year.

The time is ticking in the recruiting process and when that clock stops ticking, recruiting is over whether you’ve found a college program or not.

The current recruiting process is done and you cannot restart the clock and get more time.

Sadly, many parents of high school student-athletes are ignoring this critical component of recruiting believing they have all the time in the world.

This is not like going to the grocery store 15 minutes before it closes and still being able to shop and buy something.  

If you only have 15 minutes to start the college recruiting process to make something happen you are going to blow up and be completely demolished.

bombAt Woods Recruiting, our goal is to sign you up, make your payment, and give you everything we’ve got to get your student-athlete recruited and placed in college.

We’ve been in business since 1989 and many of the scouts are former high school and college athletes and have excellent coaching experience. We are here to help you not to delay progress.

Sadly many parents are doing this; delaying the recruiting process because they want to see what they can get for free.

I’m here to tell you free is going to crush any hopes and dreams you’ve ever had for your student-athlete to play in college. I guarantee it.

You’re sitting on a ticking time-bomb, parents and when it blows up in your face the recruiting process will be over. There will be nothing you can do about it.

The clock is ticking and you’re running out of time!

You’re wasting time now and you need to stop! You’re only hurting your son or daughter and  you’re destroying their future because you are sitting back wasting time. I’m telling you the truth- it will blow up in your face.

The clock is ticking.

The hourglass has used up just about all of sand. Time is wasting because parents refused to take action in the recruiting process!

The action that you may take could be positioned in the wrong place.

We are here to help you and to offer our assistance and expertise in the recruiting process. Put your trust in Woods Recruiting! We will not let you down!

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The college recruiting process does not care who you are.

The college recruiting process plays no favorites.

The college recruiting process does not care where you live.

The college recruiting process does not care how much money your parents make.

The college recruiting process does not care what color you are.

player-1The college recruiting process only cares about superior student athletes with very good grades.

It is important to understand the recruiting process begins very early. Ninth or tenth grade year in my opinion is when the recruiting process begins.

Parents of high school student-athletes need to understand that just because your son or daughter is in the 9th or 10th grade does not mean you have all the time in the world.

The rules of the college recruiting process are very strict, very rigid, very demanding, and very confusing.

Parents, you are already wasting valuable time by sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing.

Think of the recruiting process as having a large coupon book.

Your coupon book is a valuable book to have because it offers so many things.

For example:

  1. Video. You’re going to have a video of your son or daughter performing athletically.

Video is a great thing to have because college coaches will evaluate student-athletes based on video and determine if they want to proceed with recruiting.

You have just used up a coupon.

  1. Club Ball Or Travel Ball. Every high school sport has some kind of club or travel ball component attached to it.

This is where student-athletes are playing during the summer months at various tournaments and camps all across the country.

College coaches are in attendance at many of these events.

But you have no way of knowing if a college coach is interested in your son or daughter.

How do you know they are watching your son or daughter play?

You have absolutely no way of ever knowing if a college coach is interested in you.

You just used up another coupon in your book of coupons.

  1.  The High School Coach. The old rules of recruiting suggest it is the high school coaches’ responsibilities to handle all aspects of recruiting.

That strategy of recruiting no longer works and is highly ineffective.

High school coaches do not have the time to help their student-athletes get recruited; it’s almost impossible.

Many high school coaches are teachers collecting a full time salary and they are coaching on the side getting a small part time paycheck.   

High school coaches have struggled with the recruiting process for decades and will continue to do so because of the lack of time, resources, energy, and effort.

It is just too confusing and extremely time-consuming, which are the rigors of the recruiting process to be executed effectively by high school coaches.

Many parents don’t know that relying heavily on the high school coach’s opinion and so-called expertise, could result in very disappointing outcomes.

You have just now used up another coupon in your book of free college recruiting coupons.

4.Going At It Alone. Many parents have decided to tackle the responsibility of recruiting on their own.

player-2This is a very risky proposition.  

I personally don’t know anything about cars, very little.

If I go under the hood of a car attempting to fix something more than likely I’m going to mess something up, causing me a great deal of money, a huge waste of time and a lot of frustration.  

Parents of student-athletes have partaken the recruiting process on their own with frustrating results.

Time is wasted because of mistakes.

The results are weak and disappointing.

Now the parents have used up another valuable free college recruiting coupon.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve used up all your college recruiting coupons basically, all of your options have also been depleted and you’ve wasted valuable time. You have also lost time that cannot ever be replaced and now you are backed into a corner with no way out.

Many parents will go through the various scenarios I’ve described wasting months of valuable time.

The student-athlete will now end up either not going to college at all because no college programs know about them or they will end up at a college program way beneath their athletic ability.

Stop wasting time! Take action now!

Parents, please understand that if you delay the process because you want to use all the free college recruiting options, you are going to run the risk of your student-athlete not getting recruited for college at all.

What Is The College Recruiting Kiss Of Death?

The college recruiting Kiss of Death is procrastination on the part of parents of high school student-athletes.  

Quicksand is a slow death and that is what’s happening to parents of student-athletes.

They don’t know that they’re killing themselves every day by delaying the recruiting process.

College coaches are not waiting around for you.

College coaches don’t even know that you exist and that’s the problem.

Student-athletes and their parents are sitting back working extremely hard, but sitting back still. They’re working extremely hard in the classroom, but still sitting back and not getting their name out there.

Getting your name out there is a critical component to the recruiting process, but many student-athletes and parents refuse to take action and the results will be devastating.

playersMore bluntly, the college recruiting Kiss of Death is where parents do absolutely nothing.

Just merely attending camps is not enough to get recruited.

Just simply participating in the high school season is not enough to get recruited.  

Just having a lot of video is not enough to get recruited.  

Just relying only on your high school coach or a club coach is clearly not enough to get recruited.

These are the building blocks to getting recruited for college. Understand that every student athlete is doing exactly the same thing to get recruited and no one is separating themselves from the pack.

  1. Waiting for a high school coach to assist you is a problem because many high school coaches struggle with understanding the basic concepts of recruiting. I don’t know anything about coaching certain sports so I know I would struggle as well.
  1. Improper video. Video is a huge component in the recruiting process, but many parents of student-athletes get that process totally screwed up. Oftentimes the video is unwatchable. Do you really need to have rap music or hard rock playing in the background of your all-important college recruiting video?
  1.  The wrong club team. Every high school sport has a club travel team component attached to it. Many times the athletes are on the wrong club team playing in the wrong tournament in front of no one. College coaches want to see you play against top competition, but if you’re not at the right events you just wasted your money.
  1. Choosing the wrong colleges.
  2. Talking to the wrong coaches.
  3. Not focusing on academics.
  4. Poor standardized test scores.
  5. Unrealistic expectations.
  6. Trusting the wrong people.
  7. Changing high schools.
  8. Switching club teams.
  9. Criticism of the high school coach.
  10. Inappropriate behavior by parents.
  11. Ineffective time management.
  12. Stupidity.
  13. Ignorance.
  14. Your head stuck in the clouds.
  15. Ignoring the obvious.      

Recruiting becomes hopeless midway through a student-athlete’s senior year.

What do you expect to happen if you have burned up more than 12 months of valuable recruiting time?

You may be able to find a small college program, but you’re not going to be happy with what you get.

You may be able to find a college program, but it may not have what you’re interested in, in terms of a major.

You may be able to find a college program, but you may get stuck with an inexperienced college coach and then you end up transferring after a year.

You may end up finding several college programs that will be happy to take you, but are beneath your athletic ability.

You may be offered a walk-on situation, but I’m here to tell you, you would be better off going someplace else instead of walking-on at a major college program where the odds of actually playing are zero.

  1. You have chosen the wrong college program.
  2. You delayed the recruiting process far too long.
  3. You’ve invested in the wrong camps.
  4. You trusted the wrong coaches.
  5. You accepted the wrong advice.
  6. You waited too late for the standardized test.
  7. You changed high schools too many times.
  8. Overbearing parents.
  9. Helicopter parents.
  10. Unrealistic parents.
  11. Idiotic parents.

The college recruiting Kiss of Death is a long list of mistakes that are often made mainly on the part of parents.

The reason I say this is because I have personally seen it happen more than a million times.

basketball-one-on-oneFrom 1989 to present day,I have had what seems like a million conversations with parents about recruiting.

For the most part, many parents do not know what they’re doing.

Many parents explain to me their ideas and concepts of recruiting and they’re totally wrong and way off base.

In my countless conversations with parents of student-athletes, many have given me their ideal recruiting strategies of their exact plan of attack. Noble were their efforts, but still failing to reach the main target which is college coaches.

I’ve heard the countless frustrating stories where parents have attended a number of camps, shelling out thousands of hard-earned dollars and receiving next to nothing in exposure.

The long decades of stories of college recruiting disappointments is not totally the parents fault. The parents are just going by the old broken-down and shattered rules of recruiting that suggest they go to camps and play on club teams; wait for the high school coach to take action or a club coach who said they would help.

Recruiting can be a lonely place for parents and especially student-athletes when your well thought-out strategies begin to backfire.

Money is a valuable commodity and parents are willing to spend it to help their son or daughter land the coveted scholarship. Money is a component in the recruiting process and, if spent wisely, money can help in getting the recognition to college programs student-athletes deserve.

I have heard the horror stories from parents about recruiting. I’ve heard these stories for decades and nothing has changed. The one thing that has remained the same is the parents’ inability to move past their fears and sign up with Woods Recruiting.

We are here to help you. We’re not going to mess things up for you.

We are here to guide you and consult with you and help your child get as much exposure to college programs as possible.

You cannot recover from the college recruiting Kiss of Death. All it will takes is your making one critical mistake in the recruiting process then watching it blow up in your face and there’s nothing you can do to recover or even fix it.

Hire a trained professional who will guide you and help you to avoid disastrous mistakes in recruiting. Go with the trained experts at Woods Recruiting!

You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete and you should do everything in your power to achieve that goal!

Procrastination Will Kill You

I have had a million and one conversations with parents of high school student-athletes.

In all my years of running a college recruiting service, a huge percentage of parents want to wait on the recruiting process.

When they say that to me I’m already thinking they are doomed for failure.

College coaches are identifying student-athletes in their 10th and 11th grade year of high school.

old-ballThey’re not identifying who these kids are in senior year because they don’t care about high school seniors and because the recruiting process requires a lengthy evaluation process.

The critical evaluation process of student-athletes could be a year or two prior to senior year.

Parents not understanding this process fully are making critical mistakes and wasting valuable time believing a college coach will find their son or daughter just because.

It takes more than one day to buy a house. Those who are interested in buying a home will certainly look at many different houses before they select the right one.

You’re going to do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing a home. You’re just not going to buy the home on first glance.

You must find the right price for the house that you’re interested in buying. It has to be in the right neighborhood with the right schools and shopping, and the community has to be the right community for you and your family to live in.

You have to do all of those things in the process of purchasing a home because it is a valuable and very serious investment.

That is the same approach that college coaches have towards recruiting student-athletes.

The process could take a year or two or even longer.

College coaches are not going to sign a student-athlete without proper evaluation and careful due diligence.

Please understand that the recruiting process is all about getting the student-athlete’s name into the hands of as many college programs as possible. Not just one or two!

Far too many parents delay this process and, for the life of me, I have never been able to understand why.

Procrastination in the recruiting process is certain death.

I’ve seen it happen far too many times where student-athletes who are talented, but have delayed this process end up being under-recruited or not recruited at all.

This is not a game you want to play around with if you want your student-athlete to play their sport in college!

nowMy advice to parents of student-athletes is to seek out college recruiting help as soon as possible.

In the recruiting process procrastination is a disease.

Those student-athletes who are not in the 1% category have taken full advantage of the college recruiting process in the earliest possible way without delay or procrastination.

College recruiting procrastination is a sickness and there is no treatment for it.

It is slow motion, it is no motion, it is no action, that parents are taking. That is how I can best describe the destruction parents are about to face in the recruiting process.

Bottom line, you are not going to get recruited for college by sitting back on the sidelines and doing nothing. My strongest advice would be to seek out Woods Recruiting and to utilize our valuable knowledge and resources.

You Are Extremely Confused

Using a recruiting service is the wave of the future for just about every high school student athlete who is not in the 1% category.

Parents understand this, recruiting is very demanding along with very time-consuming and confusing.

It seems as though the rules of recruiting are always changing, while in reality it is the interpretation of the rules that are always changing.

You’re paying big money to play on a club team that travels with the hope of getting the exposure for your student-athlete.

The hope is that college coaches will look up long enough from their cell phones to pay attention to what’s going on in the game.

You’re traveling from one tournament to a new tournament during the hot and competitive recruiting season just like all the other parents and student-athletes.

After the summer exposure period is over, many parents are sitting back waiting and assuming college coaches will call, email, send a text message or, better yet, send a letter in the mail.

When those things do not happen in large, consistent numbers then you have to worry that maybe something is going wrong in recruiting.

In most cases, only 1% of high school student athletes are receiving the phone calls, text messages, emails, and letters from college coaches.

coach-footballThe 99% of high school student-athletes are receiving very little or next to nothing in terms of recruiting exposure recognition from college coaches.

As a parent you are extremely confused because you thought if your son or daughter was receiving big-time summer exposure from the high-priced club events, that was all you needed to do to get in front of college coaches.

College coaches are only interested in the very best high school student-athletes. They’re going to focus their attention on the top players from around the country.

If you’re not one of the top players, if you’re not one of the best, if you’re not one of the elite student-athletes then chances are you’re going to be overlooked by college programs. That’s just the way it is, so get used to it.

It is the old way of doing things that destroys the recruiting process for many student-athletes and overly stressed parents.

Putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to exposure events or assistance from high school coaches is not an ideal formula for recruiting.

When the recruiting process has stalled and your various strategies are not working, you have absolutely nothing. You will continue to get nothing in return from recruiting for weeks, months and, possibly, forever.

Maybe you decided to put your video on one of those free video websites with the hope that a college coach is scrolling through the thousands of other videos in the hope they find yours.

You’re a needle in a haystack when it comes to recruiting.

To avoid being crushed in the recruiting process and totally devastated, it’s critical for student-athletes and parents to seek out the help of an experienced college recruiting service such as Woods Recruiting.

Yes, I am giving praise to Woods Recruiting because it’d deserved and because of our longevity. Since 1989 we’ve work with thousands of high school student-athletes helping them reach their goals and dreams of playing in college.

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