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I love writing about the recruiting process. These are my thoughts and opinions.

What The Hell Are You Waiting For?

It’s Only Money. But that is what’s standing in the way of parents moving forward with Woods Recruiting. You are letting money cloud your judgement and destroy your son’s or daughter’s athletic future. The recruiting process is not free, it...

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Skepticism Will Kill Your Dreams

Woods Recruiting is going to promise that we will get you as much exposure to college programs as possible. We cannot promise you a scholarship because no one can do that. We don’t have scholarships in our back pocket to give to students-athletes. It is only the...

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Focus On The Big Picture

Parents, you are focusing your attention in the wrong direction when your focus should be on college recruiting action. The recruiting process waits for no one. You’re thinking that college coaches are supposed to come to you and that’s totally false. College...

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Parents Every Day You Have A Choice

Every day in the college recruiting process you actually have a choice. You have a choice to sit back and do nothing and wait for the college recruiting process to come to you. You have a choice of taking a proactive approach in the recruiting process utilizing all...

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The Looming Disaster Caused By Procrastination

If you had a really bad toothache and you know the only solution is having that tooth pulled by the dentist, would you wait for a week, two weeks, or maybe a month?  Hell naw!   You want to get that tooth out of your mouth as soon as possible to avoid further...

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Regret Is Poison: Become A College Scout

The lottery is basically a game of chance, it’s basically gambling and that’s what student athletes, who do not have proper representation in the recruiting process, are doing with their athletic and educational future-gambling and hoping to be discovered by a college program.

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High School Athletics Will Be Obsolete In 10 Years

Everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. We went from black and white TV to color TV and that was an amazing change.

The typewriter is extinct. The computer is the ultimate power now along with cell phones and many other modern technologies.

The way high school sports is operated these days will completely change, whether you like it or not.

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