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Random Observations About Getting Recruited For College

Can you play at the next level? Sounds simple, right? But astonishingly, many high school students for many reasons can’t play after high school. You don’t have the grades. How many times have we heard about very talented student athletes that were more of an athlete...

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Skepticism Will Kill Your Dreams

Woods Recruiting is going to promise that we will get you as much exposure to college programs as possible. We cannot promise you a scholarship because no one can do that. We don’t have scholarships in our back pocket to give to students-athletes. It is only the...

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Focus On The Big Picture

Parents, you are focusing your attention in the wrong direction when your focus should be on college recruiting action. The recruiting process waits for no one. You’re thinking that college coaches are supposed to come to you and that’s totally false. College...

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The Looming Disaster Caused By Procrastination

If you had a really bad toothache and you know the only solution is having that tooth pulled by the dentist, would you wait for a week, two weeks, or maybe a month?  Hell naw!   You want to get that tooth out of your mouth as soon as possible to avoid further...

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In The Life: The Role Of A College Scout

Hundreds of student-athletes, will go unnoticed and unrecognized by college coaches. College coaches become fixated, on a certain group of student-athletes and it’s almost impossible for them to look outside that list.

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Please Stop Wasting Time

Sometimes parents decisions are influenced by high school or club coaches. Believing that these experts will handle all aspects of the college recruiting process for them. The bottom line the recruiting process should be handled by someone who has the time and who has worked with thousands of student-athletes in the past.

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Procrastination In Recruiting Will Suck The Life Out Of You

The video illustrates how parents will sit back and burn up nearly a hundred days in the recruiting process, one third of the year has practically wasted, nearly the entire school year has been wasted before parents decide they better take college recruiting serious, and seek out of Woods Recruiting.

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Recruiting Represents Many Challenges

If you believe just going to camp or playing in some kind of tournament during the summer months in front of college coaches is all you have to do, you have been lied to, mislead and totally tricked about the recruiting process.

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The Disappointment Of The Unsigned Senior Event

The recruiting process for many student athletes is turning into a bad dream and it’s only getting worse every week where you don’t know what’s going to happen in your athletic future.

To avoid the embarrassment of having to attend these events student athletes, who are up and coming juniors or even sophomores, should seek out the help of a trained professional for proper representation.

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