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I love writing about the recruiting process. These are my thoughts and opinions.

The Elements Of Not Getting Recruited For College

Lack of understanding on how the college recruiting process works is a major reason why high school athletes and their parents screw up the college recruiting process. Laziness on the part of parents is the number one reason why the process of going from high school...

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Parents Are On The Hot Seat

It is the parents of high school student-athletes who influence student-athletes’ decisions about recruiting. The student-athlete does not have any money, therefore they are dependent on their parents to make spending decisions related to recruiting. Is that...

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Parents You Are Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb

Parents You Are Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb The clock is ticking in the college recruiting process, time is slipping away. Parents of student-athletes do not realize they are in a critical situation. You have been approached by one of our college scouts....

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The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The college recruiting process does not care who you are. The college recruiting process plays no favorites. The college recruiting process does not care where you live. The college recruiting process does not care how much money your parents make. The college...

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What Is The College Recruiting Kiss Of Death?

The college recruiting Kiss of Death is procrastination on the part of parents of high school student-athletes.   Quicksand is a slow death and that is what’s happening to parents of student-athletes. They don’t know that they’re killing themselves...

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Procrastination Will Kill You

I have had a million and one conversations with parents of high school student-athletes. In all my years of running a college recruiting service, a huge percentage of parents want to wait on the recruiting process. When they say that to me I’m already thinking...

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You Are Extremely Confused

Using a recruiting service is the wave of the future for just about every high school student athlete who is not in the 1% category. Parents understand this, recruiting is very demanding along with very time-consuming and confusing. It seems as though the rules of...

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You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

Have you ever been to the airport waiting to catch a flight and at the last moment it pops up on one of those little TV monitors saying your flight has been delayed? You feel pissed off and a little frustrated because you’re going to have to wait hours before...

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