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Recharge The Recruiting Process

Recharge The Recruiting Process There are a lot of student athletes who are in their senior year of high school and are finding it challenging to get college programs interested in them. Some of the student athletes may have received a letter or phone call or two from...

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Information Overload Of Recruiting

Information Overload Of Recruiting It is information overload that causes a lot of confusion with parents who are dealing with the college recruiting process, either for the first time or it’s their second go around. I want to give you my thoughts and opinions on some...

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No Sales Experience Required

No Sales Experience Required No sales experience required. There are those who believe you have to have a sales background to be a college scout. I totally disagree with that. In my opinion, I think it’s a bad idea if you come from a sales background. You need...

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Always Be Closing

Always Be Closing Just because they like you does not mean they’re going to sign up with you. This business is all about getting the parents to sign up with you so you can do your job. If it was only that simple. When it comes to closing a large percentage of...

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Practice Drill Rehearse

Practice Drill Rehearse Where would a professional athlete be if they never practiced? The greater athletes are always perfecting their craft. If they are not constantly working to develop themselves, they wouldn’t be in the league very long and probably...

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Win The Day

Win The Day How will your day begin as a college scout? Some scouts have no clue. They’re winging it day by day, week by week. They’re making it up as they go along. You are developing a recipe for disaster without a plan to win the day. What are the top five to...

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Presentation Mistakes

Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service There are many different presentation techniques. I believe it’s best to begin the process by asking questions first. By asking questions first you’re controlling the presentation. There are some who have a different...

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Going To Camp

Going To Camp When I started my career as a college scout I focused all my energy on basketball. I had a basketball background because that’s the sport I played in high school, college, and professionally overseas. I just did what the college coaches would do...

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Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service

Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service I have said this many times already, I do not believe there are enough recruiting services. Student-athletes are constantly being overlooked by college coaches all the time. There are more student-athletes involved in sports than...

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