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I love writing about the recruiting process. These are my thoughts and opinions.

Random Observations About Getting Recruited For College

Can you play at the next level? Sounds simple, right? But astonishingly, many high school students for many reasons can’t play after high school. You don’t have the grades. How many times have we heard about very talented student athletes that were more of an athlete...

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The Dream

The dream of many high school student athletes is to be the best high school athlete that he or she can be. You’re working really hard. You’re doing all the things you can as a player. You have achieved a certain level of success. Your dream is to just be...

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The Destruction Of The High School Student Athlete

For a great deal of high school student athletes in this country, sports means everything to them.  Athletics is a means of freedom for many young people and without it; there may not be hope for the future and some of them will struggle throughout their lives. In my...

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Get That Athletic Scholarship

Nothing is impossible! There are millions of high school student athletes who have been told that they will never get an athletic scholarship. There are always so-called experts evaluating the talent level of high school student athletes who never played high school...

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The Competitive World Of College Recruiting

I’ve been to many high school games and have observed the behavior of high school student athletes. Many of the student athletes believe because they have incredible athletic ability that somehow they are on top of the world and can do no wrong. Players sometimes have...

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Student Athletes You Don’t Get To Pick

The college recruiting process in some ways is a popularity contest; only the very best high school student athletes get to pick the college they want to play for. I believe that number of privileged student athletes is around 1% meaning 99% of all other high school...

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You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Get Recruited

There is no secret formula to get recruited for college; a person does not have to acquire special talents or skills to gain the attention of college coaches.  In other words: you do not have to be a genius to get recruited for college. To get recruited for college...

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Tips For Parents Of Prospective Student Athletes

1 – Understand who is responsible. Many families assume that their high school coach is responsible for their recruiting process. High school coaches are great people; they work really hard and usually don’t earn much money. Often, they are teachers who have papers...

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