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Being Overshadowed Is Not A Curse In The College Recruiting Process

Being Overshadowed Is Not A Curse In The College Recruiting Process

There are millions of high school players out there and quite a few of them are similar in athletic ability and in size but only one of those athletes is a blue chip superstar athlete.

How is this even possible? Two high school student athletes who have similar skills, talents and abilities but only one of the them will get all the attention from college recruiters while the other player is just barely getting by?

There is no real answer to that question.

Parents and student athletes should not worry about what another student athlete is receiving in terms of attention or offers from college programs because the college recruiting process does not always work the same for every student athlete.

Parents of those student athletes who feel they deserve more attention from college recruiters, more write-ups in newspapers, more discussion on message boards and blogs are really just wasting their time and energy.

Many student athletes and their parents believe that because you play a sport, college coaches will find you.  That statement is false. College coaches don’t pull student athletes names out of thin air.

College coaches can’t recruit everyone and their budgets won’t allow them to recruit every student athlete, so there will be situations with athletes that have similar skills and talents with only one of them being chosen over the other.

That’s just how it turns out most times.

If a high school athlete is being overshadowed because of lack of media coverage or coverage on message boards and blogs, if that is your concern then you’re wasting your time.

The bottom line is recruiting and gaining the attention of college coaches.  One of the ways to get over being overshadowed by college coaches is to focus on contacting 100 college coaches with a handwritten one page letter.

You would be surprised at how many of those colleges will write back.  It’s about taking action today and not worrying about someone else.

Procrastination Will Kill the College Recruiting Process

This message is for high school student athletes but more importantly, their parents:  Never sit back and wait for something to happen as it relates to the college recruiting process.

If you want more attention, if you want more respect from college coaches or from the media then go out and get it. Take action. Do something about it. Don’t sit back and complain.

The college recruiting process is not fair; it has never been fair; it will never be fair for student athletes who are looking to get recruited by college programs and the parents who worry from one day to the next about the college recruiting process.

Even though there may be two identical student athletes, athletically and academically, the situation still could be totally different in what one athlete gets over another.  That’s just how it is and how it will always be.

Now I do know this, college coaches will only focus on a large group of the athletes who they are interested in recruiting.  Anyone outside of their lists, regardless of who they are, may not get their attention.

Sometimes college coaches get fixated on a certain number of players that they wish to recruit.

You must be proactive in your approach to contacting college coaches every single day.  Procrastination has often killed the college recruiting process or seriously damaged the process for many student athletes.  Take action today in getting recruited!



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