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In this episode of the Woods Recruiting podcast I’m sharing my opinion on student athletes being overlooked by college programs.

Did you know there are thousands of student athletes from various sports who are talented enough to play at the college level? Many of these student athletes have very good grades and come from very good families, but are still overlooked by college coaches.

Many families and student athletes fail to realize that the recruiting process has an expiration date. Every day a student athlete and their parents wait to decide on exactly what strategy they’re going to use, is a day wasted in the recruiting process that can never be made up.

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Being Overlooked By College Coaches

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The college recruiting process is extremely challenging. There are many complex details associated with recruiting. Going from high school athlete to college athlete is not easy, but if you sit on the sidelines and wait for a college coach to discover you you’re going to be waiting a very long time.

Names of high school student athletes don’t just fall into the laps of college coaches. Someone has to put those names into the hands of college coaches and do it consistently.

Sadly, there are those who believe recruiting is the sole responsibility of the high school coach. Reality and the facts of the old broken down strategies of recruiting are the lazy mindset of many unaware parents of student athletes.

The high school coaches are just as much in the dark on the strategies of recruiting as many of the parents are.

The worst case scenario for many student athletes who are talented enough to go to college is that many of them will never see the light of day on a college campus.

Without taking advantage of college recruiting strategies and being aggressive, many student athletes and their parents will be facing the devastation of permanently being overlooked by college programs.

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