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Being A College Scout Is Understanding The Basics

We Need More College Scouts

The fascinating conclusion to being a College Scout are the similarities to a professional athlete.

Behind the scenes when no one is watching that’s when the professional athlete is putting in real work.

Their dedication is amazing.

The countless hours to prepare athletically is mind-blowing to the average person.

We only see what they do athletically on TV or if you’re fortunate enough to buy a ticket to a game.

The real work is during the cover of darkness, unseen by the public eye.


College Scouts need to have similar dedication to the basic understanding and fundamentals of what’s required to effectively and consistently achieve success.

If you’re a former or current coach or athlete, maybe you played at all levels and you have inside you the basics of being a College Scout.

The fundamentals are critical as well as asking questions, having strong presentation skills, your price, closing questions, the follow-up phone call, and closing questions, on top of the follow-up. Much more is inside, just open the book, read the fine print and learn more. Don’t ignore it.

  • Practice your presentation daily.
  • Develop new questions to ask parents.
  • Roleplay your presentation.

Scouts who struggle pinpoint their failures. If you’re not understanding the presentation process, while never lifting a finger to practice role-play, and developing or honing your skills, then failure is there.

The need for College Scouts is epic. More are needed to represent the valuable student-athletes. If you ignore them and decide to turn your back, keeping all your knowledge inside then student-athletes will suffer.

The crumbled crumbs of the suffering student-athlete will be on your hands and you’ll be unable to wash the process away.

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