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Overlook is a common occurrence in recruiting. Walking in front of a college coach they still may not see you. student-athletes go to camp their parents pay money hoping for exposure but they are still invisible.

You play your heart out game after game after game only the still come up short when it comes to exposure to college coaches.

You put together a video getting it made by one of those companies that will edited perfectly for you but still no one is watching. No one is paying attention to your efforts when it comes to your video.

I’ve often said exposure is the key to getting recruited. If they don’t know about you they can’t recruit you.

friday-night-lightsCollege coaches are only going to pay attention to the student-athletes who are highly ranked. There are many quality student-athletes who are not ranked who are just as good  as those student-athletes who are heavily rank.

Sometimes the recruiting service resembles a dog chasing its tail. The parents are running around in circles not knowing exactly what to do or who to turn to for help.

It becomes frustrating for parents of high school student-athletes because they’re not receiving the answers to their questions or enough information on how and when to start the recruiting process.

Many parents put off the recruiting process because it’s frustrating, it’s confusing and sometimes it’s easier to just sit back wait and hope that a college coach contact you about our son or daughter.

I’ve seen it happen a million and one times we’re an extremely talented student athlete is overlooked by college programs.

I have seen it happen often we’re student-athletes who have very good grades and all the other positive intangibles needed to gain the attention of college coaches but still come up short and are still invisible.

The solution for student-athletes and parents is to avoid the college recruiting battle scars. I believe it’s critical to begin the recruiting process as soon as possible.

Obviously the more time you have gives you the opportunity to gain access to more college coaches. You want to get your son or daughter’s name into the hands of college coaches on a consistent basis, this is how you’re going to get recruited.

There is a lot of details and moving parts associated with recruiting all of these pieces to the recruiting jigsaw puzzle are just as important and needs to be taken seriously and never lightly ever.

The recruiting process should actually begin in my opinion when the student-athlete is in the 10th grade or the 11th grade. This gives you a couple of years of dedicated effort to get your student athlete the attention they deserve from college coaches.

If you hold off the recruiting process until the start of your senior year of high school.  Will only limit the number of college coaches who are actually going to be interested in you.  

Sadly many parents believe the recruiting process starts when a student athlete is in there senior year of high school.

fansUnfortunately those parents have been given the wrong information. Those parents relied on the wrong people for recruiting help and assistance. Those parents believe a camp or a neighbor or maybe a friend had special connections or knowledge helping with the recruiting process.

Delaying the recruiting process until the student-athlete’s senior year could result in disastrous consequences.

All those student-athletes who began the recruiting process in their sophomore and junior year of high school. We’re smart enough to get their names on the radar of college coaches.

Now college coaches evaluate those student-athletes and compare those athletes to others.

When you see those student-athletes on the first Wednesday in February signing their National letter of intent that is the combination of two to three years of hard work.

Getting recruited for college we’re parents struggle with is believing it is the same as looking for a job.

Looking for a job you start sending resumes to potential employers hoping for an interview. Recruiting is extremely different because it requires evaluation.

Recruiting is extremely complicated because it requires superior athletic ability and superior academic strengths.

College coaches are comparing you to other student-athletes they wish to recruit.

College coaches are looking to have as much information about particular student athletes as possible so they will know exactly who to target.

By waiting until your senior year you have blown your chances of gaining exposure to college coaches because by then they have a strong idea of exactly who they’re going to make their offers to and if you are not on that list chances are you are not going to get recruited and placed in college that’s just how the process works.

Worse still. There are parents of student-athletes who have cement in their ears unable to here the importance of beginning the recruiting process early enough.

Their ears become unclogged when they realize that time is fading in the recruiting process and now they’re in a desperate situation to find a college home or opportunity for their son or daughter.

Opportunities to play in college you’re going to be extremely limited if you begin this recruiting process in your senior year.

You will no doubt end up at a college program beneath your athletic ability. I’ve seen situations where extremely talented student-athletes never played one minute of college athletics. It happens all the time. There is no student-athlete who is immune to being overlooked by college coaches.

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