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Bad Grades Will Kill You

Bad Grades Will Kill You

Bad Grades Will Kill You

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

There’s a slow death associated with bad grades eliminating student-athletes from the prize they’ve chased their entire lives in the recruiting process. They are striving for the scholarships. Don’t let poor academic performance kill your chances of college riches! 

The topic of conversation from the college coach’s perspective is athletic ability.

College coaches are inquiring about your ability to compete at their level and the very next question they’re asking about are grades. 

Generally speaking, the questions can come in different orders. The response to academics, if unfavorable, means the recruiting conversation will abruptly end.

Nobody willingly wants to attend junior college. Most are in small towns no bigger than your neighborhood. 

There’s not much to do in a small town with very little resources. Many junior colleges are so far away from home you would be hard-pressed to find them on any map. 

The dilemma is two years of punishment related to your failure of not being able to get it done in the classroom. Shame on you! 

The alternative could be worse; not going to college at all because of poor academic performance. That would be a slow, decisive, and destructive lifestyle with you heading toward a world of minimum wage living. 

Your athletic ability has nothing to do with academic strengths, the commitment in the classroom is separate.

Every hour devoted to athletic development, equal time should be devoted towards academic development as well.

There are a lot of undiscovered Michael Jordans out there. We will never know their names or existence. There’s no limelight, spot light, no light at all, nothing shining brightly on them. Their poor academics has dimmed their future.

I’d like to know what you think about this topic. Please leave me a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow.


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