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Athletic Profiles

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The Athletic Profile is a description of what the student-athlete can do athletically and academically.

This information will appear live on the Woods Recruiting website.

Woods Recruiting’s top goal is to have as much exposure to college coaches on behalf of the student-athletes.

Exposure is a valuable and key component in the college recruiting process.

If they don’t know about you, they can’t recruit you. This is one of the problems in recruiting; student-athletes are not getting enough exposure.   

The student-athlete could possess outstanding grades on all levels, have all the athletic measurables-size, speed, strength, and quickness.

The student-athlete could have amazing video, but sometimes that may not be enough to gain the attention of college coaches. There are many other student-athletes who have similar positive qualifications to attract the attention of college coaches.

Who does a college coach pick? Deciding which student-athlete to recruit can be difficult for college programs.

It’s important that the student-athlete’s name is getting out to a long list of college programs on a consistent basis.

The Athletic Profile is the tool that we use to get the student-athlete’s name into the hands of his many college programs as possible.

Inside The Athletic Profile

  • The student-athlete’s height and weight.
  • The student-athlete’s grade point average and standardized test scores.
  • A description of what the student-athlete can do athletically.
  • A video of the student-athlete in game play mode.


The college recruiting process has a starting point. It starts with getting the name of the student-athlete out to as many college programs as possible. We are using the Athletic Profile as a weapon to create as much interest and exposure as possible for that student-athlete.

More is better in the recruiting process. The more information a college program has on a student-athlete, the more easier it will be for that college program to decide on which student-athlete to recruit.

Exposure. Recruitment. College Placement.

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