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Guidelines For The "Ask Al" Podcast

Guidelines For The “Ask Al” Podcast 

This podcast is specifically designed for those who have questions about the college recruiting process.

Recruiting represents extreme challenges that are often confusing, frustrating, and impossible to understand. 

To comprehend the entire recruiting process will take a lifetime. 

My goal is to help you navigate through the challenges of recruiting so, please feel free to ask a question.

I do have some guidelines that I want you to be aware of to ensure everyone who participates can benefit. 

For inclusion to the podcast you must complete a brief questionnaire. (Questionnaire) Call: (216) 245-3170

When submitting your question to the podcast please be sure to use your first name. 

Your questions will be answered on our podcast.

To ask a question all you have to do is call the number. You have exactly one minute to ask your question. Please keep it related to recruiting.

Please, no disrespectful questions. No spammy questions. No extremely private questions. Only serious questions about recruiting. Please keep it polite and focused on recruiting. I greatly appreciate it.

Final Thoughts

My involvement in the recruiting process began in August, 1989. I ran my own recruiting service until September, 2018. In all of those years, I have had, what seems like, a million and one conversations with parents, student-athletes, college coaches, high school coaches, and club coaches.

The amount of knowledge I’ve gained over those years is amazing. I have heard every scenario imaginable in the recruiting process, from all respected individuals.

My ultimate goal is to bring as much value as possible. 


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