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Andrew Eberhardt: Class of 2018, 6’1″ 155lbs.

Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland, TX.

GPA: 4.7 SAT: 1320

Andrew has a high basketball IQ, which shows on the floor when plays the 1 or 2 guard position. Andrew is not only a scoring threat, he is also capable of orchestrating the offense to give other players scoring opportunities. Andrew is an excellent ball handler and passer and has excellent 3 point shooting range.

Andrew is very fundamentally sound with shot fakes, passes and a variety of off the dribble moves which keeps the defense off balance. Andrew plays well in every phase of the game, he plays outstanding defense and can rebound and put the team in transition for easy baskets. Andrew is an excellent student with a GPA of 4.7 with AP courses and an SAT score of 1320. Andrew’s class ranking is 131of 565. Andrew is a member of the French National Honors Society and National Society of High School Scholars.

Andrew will graduate taking 5 AP courses. Andrew is a quality student-athlete equipped to play at the next level. If you feel Andrew can help your program please contact us at Woods Recruiting. Andrew will definitely impact someone’s basketball program.

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