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Alyssa Viscardo Villa Maria Academy High School 

Class Of 2019 GPA of 3.7

Play a position that always wants the ball—that is exactly what Alyssa does.  Her hard work and desire to be the best has allowed Alyssa to craft the pitching skill.  Outside of scheduled team practices and tournaments, she dedicates hours to her pitching and glove work.  Currently playing for SJ Mystics Gold 16u, Alyssa can be seen on the mound or playing the infield.  Consistency is one of the most important skills to pose.  While in the circle, Alyssa consistently tosses 65 mph, hitting her locations, and instills the art of fear in the batters.  Her attitude and composure says it all:  she is powerful, confident, and in control.

Villa Maria Academy High School Class of 2019, Alyssa strives to keep a high GPA of 3.7.  She desires to pursue a degree in History or Education at an institution that she will continue to play the game she loves.  Couldn’t be more ecstatic to help Alyssa fulfill her dream of playing at the collegiate level!

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