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Alex Frankhouser

High School Basketball Recruit 2016

Recruiting Intangibles:
1.Outstanding Student In The Classroom
2.Outstanding Citizen In The Community
3.A Great Teammate
5.Outstanding Athletic Ability
6.Outstanding Basketball Player
7.Hard Worker And Dedicated To The Game
8.Make Teammates Better


Athletic Description:

Alex Frankhouser is an outstanding high school basketball player. She has the ability to hit the 3 point shot from all areas of the basketball court.

Her ability to hit the open shot is one of the many outstanding intangibles Alex possesses.

She is an outstanding teammate who looks to make everyone around her better. She’s clearly a leader.

You can clearly see in the video her ability to move without the ball, being able to create space and hit the shot with great accuracy.

Alex has the ability to put the ball on the floor to create open space for jump shot opportunities.

She has outstanding ball-handling skills with the ability to bring the ball up the floor, look for any open teammates for key shots, or get her own shot.

She’s very aggressive and has no problem driving to the basket with strong athletic ability and able to score at will.

Alex has complete dedication to the game of basketball, you can clearly see it in all the video clips.

We understand video tells part of the story of what she can do athletically, but video should also give a glimpse of athletic ability because college coaches want to see more and learn more.

From all the many different video clips, you can see her overall basketball ability.

She has a great outside shot from 3 point a range. She can run the floor with outstanding speed and agility. She has the ability to put the ball on the floor, drive to the basket and finish.

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