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A Huge Number Of Student Athletes Will Never Get Recruited

Are you going to be one of the millions of high school student athletes who never get recruited for college?

Why should we care if you don’t get recruited for college?  So many high school athletes are giving everything they’ve got to get recruited by a college program that does not care about them.

Millions of high school athletes and their parents are going to great expense, frustration and anxiety over the college recruiting process when in reality, they’re wasting their time because nobody cares.

When the college recruiting process begins college coaches more than like will already have players that they’re interested in.  If you’re a high school athlete and you’re not on their exclusive, highly privileged list, then you have absolutely no chance of ever being recruited by that coach.

Anything you mail to these coaches will get thrown in the trash.  These college programs are not going to look at your DVDs and could care less about your academic transcripts. Most of the college programs could care less about your team’s win/ loss record and most of them do not want to hear from you because they don’t know you and they don’t like you.

If you go to a camp or an exposure event, so what. Who cares? What’s the big deal? The college programs that are in attendance at these events are still not going to pay any attention to you.

I’m sorry, but its true; college programs only care about the players who can, without a shadow of a doubt, help them win games as soon as the season starts.

College sports has changed so much that it’s only about winning and in order to win games, college coaches are only going to recruit blue chip, superstar athletes and everyone else who is not in that category have absolutely zero chance of ever hearing from that college program.

Someone may ask if there is a solution for high school athletes looking to play ball at a major college program, and my answer is plain and simple: there is absolutely no solution.

The dream for many high school athletes is to have the opportunity to play their sport at a major college program that has their games on television. Who wouldn’t want their games played on TV?

The fact of the matter is, it’s not going to happen for you no matter how hard you try.

Every now and then, a very talented high school athlete will fall into the hands of a college program but, that is very rare. If you’re thinking that you could be one of those rare, talented athletes out there forget about it, because that’s not going to happen.

Even the division two level of college athletics are becoming extremely challenging in terms of recruiting.  The players who were overlooked by the big-time college programs end up going to the top quality division two programs.

Your ass is now in serious trouble. As a high school athlete, you may become invisible. As a matter of fact, there is a strong probability that college programs at the D-2 level will not want your ass either.

The competition for the absolutely best high school players around the country is extremely competitive.  If a college coach manages to bring in an outstanding recruiting class, this could make all the difference in that coach’s future

and ultimately determine how much money that coach will be paid.  A college coach only wants the best players and it’s also true at the lower level division programs. They need great players to win games, to keep their jobs and to get paid.

For student athletes who may be average players, you have absolutely no chance of going to college and playing ball so you should think about doing something else.  College coaches are only going to talk to the best players and you’re not one of them.

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