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99 Different College Recruiting Strategies, Would You Use Them To Get Recruited?

All over the Internet and social media there are thousands of people talking about college recruiting and the things you should or should not do. Most of the recruiting strategies and information you will read is largely confusing. For student athletes and parents, you may have run across 99 different opinions on recruiting strategies. Many of them sound good, but how do you know if these particular strategies will work?

99 college recruiting strategies

Parents and student athletes have been jammed up by confusing and misleading college recruiting strategies. My advice to parents and student athletes who are first timers in the college recruiting process is to settle on a few common sense approaches to networking with college programs.


You do not have to use 99 college recruiting strategies and techniques to network with college programs. Using that many strategies will confuse most parents and student athletes and may end up causing you to do nothing because of the huge number of choices that are in front of you.

Focus on a few strategies at a time. Stick with the ones that are getting you results and from time to time adjust those college recruiting strategies as needed.

If you’re not a big-time major college recruit, the strategies of the college recruiting process apply to you and your parents.

Procrastination on the part of parents is the biggest killer in the college recruiting process in my opinion. Parents believe that someone else is responsible for the college recruiting process for their son or daughter and that maybe the high school coach will take a proactive approach towards the recruiting process. It is the parents’ responsibility to take the proactive approach towards recruiting on a daily basis or you could run the risk of losing out on valuable time that can never be made up in the recruiting process.

The best approach towards recruiting is to contact with college coaches daily. The second best approach towards recruiting is to follow-up with college coaches daily.

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