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ballplayersThe college recruiting process is a long audition. It begins in the ninth grade and it comes to a conclusion at the senior year.  What student athletes do good or bad is counted towards getting a scholarship or filling out an application at some fast food restaurant.

1.  No athletic talent.  Sorry, but there are some student athletes who are only good enough to play in high school and that’s it.


no talent please2.  Focusing only on division one programs when you should actually focus on all college programs.


D-13.  Knucklehead parents.  Far too many times pushy, over-aggressive parents ruin the college recruiting process for student athletes all the time.

Knucklehead parents4.  Changing high schools every other year is a red flag. Also, switching from club team to club team is another red flag.changing teams5.  The horrible grades.  Without good grades college coaches could care less who you are and what you can do athletically.  Far too many student athletes wait until their senior year of high school to fix their academic shortcomings and by then it is too late.

bad grades

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