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Most of the high school student athletes out there are looking to play at the next level and most days you are looking for ideas to help with the college recruiting process. I have cam up with a list of things that can help you in the process of getting your name out there.


  1. Come up with a list of 100 college programs that are in your home state or in the neighboring states. The more college programs you have the better it will be for you in the long run.


  1. Write to each coach that is on your list. I feel the best and most effective way of going about this is with hand written letters. This give a powerful touch to any college coach that you are trying to reach and makes a great first impression.


  1. Get a DVD made. The DVD is critical to the college recruiting process, the reason is that most college coaches are not coming out to high school games anymore and the only way they can evaluate your talent and skill is by seeing you play on DVD.


  1. Follow up man! Or woman. Most of you never follow up with a college coach, you must stay in touch with a coach who has written to you or has mail you information. By this time you may be able to email a coach so do it every week. What you should do is let that coach or coaches know what is happening with you from game stats to academic performances.


  1. The Summer, you must play your sports during the summer months this is where college athletic recruiting will start and when all college coaches can get out and see you play. Always play where there are college coaches in attendants anything else is a waste of time.


The college recruiting process is a marathon of hard work of dedication to your sport of consistency to develop into an outstanding student athlete. Recruiting is never easy for huge number of student athletes who wish to play there sport at the next level.


It will take many hours of hard work to gain the attention of college coach there are no shortcuts in the process of getting recruited. What may work for some one who is going through the recruiting process may not work the same way for you; you must develop a plan and stick to that plan until you have signed your letter of intent.


You will increase your chances of being heavily recruited if you are an outstanding athlete and an outstanding student this will give you major advantages over all other take shortcuts look for the easy way out when it comes to the process of college recruiting.

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