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Cade Cunningham Basketball Recruit 2020

This is high school basketball recruit, Cade Cunningham. Is he the real deal? What is your honest opinion of this basketball talent?

In your opinion, do you believe Cade Cunningham is a major college basketball recruit?

Do you believe Cade Cunningham basketball skill-set, talent, and his abilities translate to the college level?

This is a Scouting Report asking for your thoughts on basketball recruit Cade Cunningham. Has he proven to be a legitimate college basketball recruit or is this all hype with absolutely no substance?

Recruiting can be a battlefield of college programs doing their due diligence to recruit the best available student-athletes. In your opinion, do you believe Cade Cunningham is being recruited by the right college programs or is he slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process all together?

There are many extremely talented high school basketball student-athletes out there. In your opinion is Cade Cunningham one of them?

Do you think Cade Cunningham is receiving his fair share of high school basketball recruiting coverage or do you think more can be done in terms of his getting the right exposure on the Internet and exposure to college programs on his behalf?

Please leave your opinion about this student-athlete in the Comments section below.


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