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3 Reasons To Recruit Josh Myers

3 Reasons To Recruit Josh Myers
  1. He’s very big really big.
  1. A major college recruit can pick any school in the country.
  1. Extremely smart extremely talented extremely gifted.

What is the story behind high school football recruit Josh Myers Question: does this young man have the skills and the ability to compete at the college level and if so, is Josh Myers a major college football player? Is he a mid-major football player or is he a low major football player?

The college recruiting process is extremely competitive for all high school student athletes so, do you believe that Josh Myers is receiving a fair amount of attention from college coaches?

There are many outstanding high school football players in Josh Myers’ home state. Where would you rank this young man? Is he one of the best football players in the area or is there room for improvement?

3 Reasons To Recruit Josh Myers

College coaches and recruiters should look for many different things when evaluating high school football players. Is this young man coach-able?

Does he always play hard?

Is he a major contributor to the team?

Is he a team player?

Is he a selfish player or does he involve his other teammates in the game?

What are your thoughts about the high school football team that Josh Myers plays on? Are they a success or do they fall short? What is your opinion about the head football coach? Is he doing a good job in promoting his players or does he fall short?

For all high school athletes that are posted on the Woods Recruiting college recruiting website, we’re looking for your individual opinions.

We look forward to your comments about Josh Myers, other high school student athletes or any articles written on this website.

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