The Shocking Truth About High School Football Recruit, L. J. Scott!

On the college recruiting radar is high school football player, L. J. Scott.

I don’t know anything about L. J. Scotts athletic ability to play football at the college level.

Why should we even care whether he can play at the next level?

It’s impossible for anyone to see every high school football player play and give an accurate assessment of their talent, ability, skill, intelligence, and academic strength to even play at the next level.

I’m curious to know what goes on in the minds of college football recruiters who look to recruit players such as L. J. Scott.

More importantly, what’s the thought process for college coaches when they’re offering a scholarship to a high school football player who they have absolutely no way of knowing if this player will be a success, a failure, a player who sits the bench, a player who gets into trouble, or an all-American?

What’s your take on high school football recruit L. J. Scott?

1. Can this player take his talents to the next level?

2. Who’s recruiting him now?

3. Is he a division one football player or something else?

4. Is he highly ranked?

5. Does he have quality game film?

The college recruiting process is extremely challenging with many twists and turns. Throughout the recruiting process will L. J. Scott have what it takes to be recruited by multiple college programs?

6. How many schools are recruiting him now?

7. Will we ever see him on TV?

8. Is this young man receiving letters from college programs now?

What is your overall opinion of high school football player L. J. Scott? Is he a very good player, a great player or an average player?

9. Is he the best player on his team?

10. Is he the best player in his conference or league?

11. Is he the best player in his state?

College coaches all over the country are looking for players out of high school who can sometimes step in and play as a freshman.

College programs are looking for players who they can develop and replace star players within a year or two; is L. J. Scott that player?

In the state where L. J. Scott plays football, is he considered one of the top high school football prospects or just an average player trying to make a name for himself in this highly competitive world of college recruiting?

12. Will he receive a full athletic scholarship?

13. Is he a preferred walk-on?

14. Will he play as a freshman in college?

Many high school football players receive a great deal of help with the recruiting process from their high school coaches.

In this situation, does the high school coach get the job done when it comes to the college recruiting process or does the coach fall short?

Sometimes, great high school football players are overlooked by college coaches because of lack of exposure, playing on a losing football program or getting absolutely no help from the high school coach.

How does L. J. Scott’s coach stack up to the overall day-to-day details of the college recruiting process?

The college recruiting process is difficult, very challenging and time-consuming.

In your opinion, do you think L. J. Scott is being recruited by the right college programs or is there more that can be done for L. J. Scott in the college recruiting process?

Do you think the NCAA has too many restrictions that limit the college recruiting process? For example, should there be more contact of high school student athletes during their high school athletic seasons?

15. Does he have the grades to be eligible for college?

16. Does he have strong standardized test scores?

17. Will he play at the junior college level?

18. Are division two programs recruiting him?

19. Will he be a pro prospect?

20. Will we be forgettable once in college?

The NCAA, in my opinion, may be too over-protective with all of their ridiculous rules about recruiting and the treatment of student athletes. What do you think?

21. Is this player over-hyped or is he the real deal?

22. Is he coachable or is he a jerk?

23. Is he a good citizen in the community or will he be in a police line-up?

24. Does he come from a good family?

Will L. J. Scott be a major college football recruit and what will be his lasting impact at the college level?

25. Many college football players that don’t get their way decide to transfer; will he be one?

26. Does he have over-aggressive parents when it comes to the recruiting process?

27. Does he have a high school coach who is taking care of the recruiting process on his behalf?

28. Is his high school coach smart about recruiting or in the dark?

29. Does he come from a winning team or a losing team?

Sometimes, there’s so much attention paid to student athletes at the high school level that we often forget what they do once they reach college.

How will the story of L. J. Scott be told?

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