The Academic Standards At College Football Programs Are A Joke

The NCAA requires college programs to maintain a certain GPA or they could be in danger of losing a scholarship or two.

In the case of college football, all of what you see and hear about academics is a big lie.

They have misled the viewing public of college football, especially at the major college level, for a very long time.

By manipulating grade point averages across the landscape of college football, college programs have figured out a way to meet the NCAA academic standards.

Did you know that college football brings on a large number of preferred walk-ons each and every year? And many of these student athletes have very high GPA’s, many being very close to 4.0!

Many of these preferred walk-ons are practice dummies who are routinely getting their heads bashed in every day in practice all for the betterment of the football program.

These walk-ons are really there to boost up big-time college programs so they can satisfy the NCAA requirements.

Sadly, I guess there really is a need for preferred walk-ons outside of football practice. I don’t even know what the percentages are, but I would think there must be a very low percentage of preferred walk-ons who actually play in a football game.

Big-time college football only cares about how much money they can earn. In order for major college programs to continue to rake in these huge dollars they need for their student athletes to be eligible to play in the football game, no matter what.

Many of these college student athletes are taking classes that amount to nothing so they can get a high grade and remain eligible.

The college courses that many of these student athletes are taking are not training these young men to be anything when their college football career is over.

I don’t know if, “Basket Weaving 101” is still a college course, but that is the level of college courses that our major institutions are offering football student athletes.

When sportscasters are talking about this college and their high GPA, or that college and their particular high GPA they’re lying to the viewing public. If they’re not lying then they are blowing smoke up your ass!

The fans who enjoy college football are being tricked into believing that these numbers of high academic standards are real.

I wonder what would happen if the NCAA came out with a new rule that says you can no longer have preferred walk-ons, then we would really know what the actual grade point averages are and I’m sure the number would be extremely shocking.

What’s the solution to this problem?

There isn’t one!

Don’t let college programs tell you that they’re all about the student athletes and helping them be better people through education.

No. The real truth is money!

Big-time major college programs that play on ESPN and all the other major TV Networks are making so much money that they are as large as or larger than some major corporations.

Can you imagine what kind of congressional hearings we would have if Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States, decided to pay its workers a dollar an hour like they do in some of the third world countries?

Congress would try to put all of the heads of Wal-Mart in prison for some kind of illegal labor laws.

There’s nowhere in the United States of America where you could get away without paying workers. But that is what major college football is doing to these so-called student athletes.

They’re paying these young men nothing but working them to death in practice, longer than the mandated 20 hours a week.

It’s almost like modern day slavery but in this case there are whites and blacks: Young college football players who are the slaves and the college administrators and head football coaches are the slave owners.

Freshman football players are just kids who are very young, right out of high school and who are easily pressured into doing what their coaches tell them to do.

There’s always going to be an exception to the rule where there are some college kids who come from a strong family background and who may not be as easily persuaded into taking Mickey Mouse college courses.

If you’re a high school football player being recruited by major college programs and they offer you a preferred walk-on and you have very good grades, just know that they are going to use you for your academic strength and use you up on the practice field.

As a preferred walk-on, the only value you can bring to a major college football program is helping that program boost up their academic numbers and be a punching bag on the practice field.

My suggestion would be to look at college football programs that are going to treat you as a human being and not a piece of meat.

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