Treat The College Recruiting Process As A Long Interview

There are various opinions on when the college recruiting process actually begins. Some suggest it starts when a student athlete enters their freshman year of high school, while others believe it begins a lot earlier.

Whatever you feel about the college recruiting process I believe that student athletes should treat it as though it was a long job interview.

The goal for all student athletes is a full athletic scholarship.

The process to get a full athletic scholarship is a winding road with many twists and turns along the way that could throw you off course.

Every tournament a student athlete attends is an opportunity to showcase their athletic ability in front of college coaches.

Only attend events where college coaches will be. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

Any event, regardless of the sport, is always an opportunity for student athletes not only to show what they can do athletically, but to also show the kind of person they are in terms of good character.

Remember, as a student athlete you may not be aware of it but college coaches are always watching you.

Academics are a very powerful component in the overall college recruiting process. If you are not a good student in the classroom, my suggestion would be to become a good student and do it fast.

Failure to achieve high academic standards will, no doubt, cause college coaches to not even think twice about you.

Many student athletes and their parents have this ridiculous notion that being of superior athletic ability will cause college programs to overlook any academic shortcomings.

For those student athletes and parents who believe in that theory I can guarantee you this: you will not be in college and, more than likely, you will be taking my order from the fast food window like McDonald’s.

This is no joke; academics are a serious business.

It’s the reason you’re going to college in the first place. Your main objective is to get a college education and, in most cases, it could be an all expenses paid education.

You’ve got children in foreign countries who are walking one or two miles every day to school to get an education because they understand it is their ticket to freedom.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that athletics does not last forever. One day your athletic career will come to an end.

When your athletic career is over, what do you have to show for all the years of pain, suffering, sacrifice, hard work, and your dedication to athletics?

The education you received will last a lifetime; it will give you the opportunity to be marketable in an extremely tough job market. Just about everyone I know who has a college degree is not struggling financially.

Every athlete is not going to be a professional athlete; the odds are next to impossible.

That’s why it’s critical to get all the education you can and if a college program is willing to pay for your education, then you’d better jump at that opportunity no matter what.

The college recruiting process is a long interview process. It is the student athlete’s responsibility to impress college coaches at all times.

1. Superior athletic ability.

2. Outstanding student in the classroom.

3. Works on their game when no one is watching.

4. Being a good and responsible citizen.

This is a short list. I would love to hear your thoughts about the recruiting job interview process.

Please feel free to share your comments in the comments section.

The information you have could be of great value to student athletes and their parents.

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