Coach Tom Newell Is Unhappy With The Direction Of Basketball!

Basketball is not the sameThis was posted on Facebook and written by Coach Tom Newell.  He seems to be unhappy with the direction of basketball from the NBA level, the college level, including high school basketball all the way down to middle school.

This is coach Tom Newell’s thoughts:

Unfortunately, the era of self serving expressions in the NBA and Men’s college basketball, has trickled down to youth basketball, middle school and high school, and we now have more young boys who are unable to understand and accept the nuances associated with this great game…the nuances beginning with the evolving myriad of rules: both regulatory and team oriented…

Our children are morphing into reactionary blasting caps; awaiting the moment in timed competitions to celebrate or degenerate, depending on the circumstances, and looking around them for support and endorsement…

Who and why has this phenomena evolved to the lower level of disdain, perhaps disgust in our uniformed boys youth sports culture today? What happened to humility? What happened to sportsmanship?

What has happened to “Americana” via “T-E-A-M” in youth basketball? Why the propensity for individual expression/celebration on a particular play when in fact it was the “T-E-A-M” that assisted in the singular act?

I’ll tell you why: ESPN, You Tube, Home Vids, Android/iPad replays…the “Good…the Bad…and the ever-so-prevalent Uglee…”, preserved for future reviews, embarrassing or not, the sequence captured for posterity? Austerity? Infamy (remember the Pacers/Pistons debacle?)?

I am saddened…I am discouraged…I am distraught with the thought that we, as the most advanced organized youth sports nation today in the free World, haven’t figured out how to teach respect for the activity, one’s teammates, coaches, Officials, opponents, Parents, and the conformity required in this setting that allows individuals to enjoy the celebration of a Team’s success…and the Team’s support of an individual’s failure or failures…

Volunteer coaches of America take notice: Parent youth coaches, coaching your own children, you must “teach” first, coach second…Teach the aforementioned elements that will firmly secure the individuals understanding of conformity when playing a team sport…

Please! They learn individually the necessary fundamentals, but are you teaching them the Team Rules, the “conformity” required to be on a Team…the conformity required to follow the rules of the game, sportsmanship, notwithstanding…the conformity that best represents how this once begotten activity has now devolved into a chest thumping, thumb pointing, clenched fist reaction to a play or plays…until the buzzer expires the contest, and all leave the venue differently: exhilarated, excited, saddened, downtrodden, exulted, defeated, victorious, celebrated or not, one reminder remains: conformity first…individuality second…
Coach Tom

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