There Is No Secret Formula To Get Recruited For College!

Of course the high school student athlete must have superior talent to gain the attention of college coaches.

But there is no magic formula for getting the attention of coaches.  It’s all about networking with a large number of coaches over a long period of time.

Networking with college coaches should begin with a handwritten letter from a student athlete to the college coach.

This is the best approach I believe in getting the college recruiting process started.  Writing a handwritten letter will give that coach a brief introduction to who you are, what you can do athletically and, of course, academically which is always important.

I believe nothing can begin for high school student athletes during the college recruiting process without having connections to college coaches.

The handwritten letter can be your way of getting those critical connections to a large number of college programs.  I also believe writing letters to college coaches will compel them to write back.

By attending camps and exposure events where college coaches are in attendance is an excellent way to be seen by college programs and it’s also a great way to network with the coaches as well.

Recruiting rules and restrictions may not allow you or the college to communicate with each other at these various events, but being seen by college programs can go a long way in gaining long lasting exposure and future networking possibilities.

Once a high school student athlete has established themselves with college coaches through handwritten letters, then it would be OK to email the coaches at this point.

If college coaches know who you are they will be more receptive towards your emails but emailing coaches randomly could be a waste of time.

Remember, coaches are extremely busy and the last thing they have time for is a bunch of emails from people they don’t know.

Emailing  coaches is much easier and you can send them more information via email.

Just make sure you have contacted enough college coaches by your handwritten letter before ever thinking about emailing coaches.

Sometimes, using smart networking strategies is one way to get high school student athletes’ name on a college program’s recruiting lists.

The bottom line here is, if they know about you then they can recruit you.

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