Recruit Oklahoma Is Going To Make A Joke Out Of Ranking Student Athletes

basketball courtRecruit Oklahoma will be releasing their Top 50 players in Oklahoma in the Class of 2013. This is not a ranking, just a list of 50 best in the state.

Rankings, in my opinion, are worthless because it doesn’t give a true value of what the student athlete can do. Recruit Oklahoma, I’m sure, really means well but you mean to tell me that the 51 players in the state are not that good?

There are many players that go unranked every year but still end up having incredible athletic careers after high school on into college and some, if lucky, will make it to the pros.

I guess that someone has to create rankings to create conversation, but it does not tell the whole story of what a high school student athlete can really do.

I am the editor of The Woods Recruiting Blog. I write about the college recruiting process where I educate parents and student athletes on the strategies of going from high school athlete to college athlete.

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