Haters Will Hate!!!

To be a high school student athlete is a well-deserved privilege, but there’s a certain segment of people that could care less about your success.

It doesn’t matter what a student athlete does positively in the classroom or in athletic competition there will always be haters.

Being a student athlete at the high school level means there will come a time when you will be moving on and you, as an athlete, will be moving forward as a talented player and you will come in contact with something or someone out there that will have a huge impact on the rest of your life.

For many haters of athletes their own lives may not be rewarded with hard earned, well deserved privileges.

It is often perceived that student athletes are given everything without having to work for it.

It is often viewed by outsiders that student athletes receive special privileges because they play a sport.

I think the pressure to be a student athlete is unbelievable because all eyes are on them constantly.

If the student athlete makes a mistake everyone is going to know about it. Those haters out there will probably be the ones who are happy and joyful at any mis-step an athlete takes.

If the student athlete wins award or does well in class or athletically, those haters will believe that because they play a sport they were just given those accolades.

In my opinion, the non-student athlete must be approached with caution because you don’t know what’s inside their head.

There have been countless stories and situations where talented athletes in high school or college have been victimized by haters all because they play a sport.

At all levels of sports there are haters. I don’t think the level is any different when it comes to the bulls-eye that is on the backs of many student athletes.

You would think professional athletes are a larger target because they have million dollar contracts, but the level of hate is widespread throughout the college ranks and all the way down to the high school level.

The media constantly pushes positive and negative stories of sports stars of all levels.

The media also is fixated with the comings and goings of athletes, their struggles and anything else an athlete is doing.

You have a lot of sports networks and the world has changed because of the 24 hour coverage of sports and its stars.

You have ongoing and constant coverage of athletes on blogs, websites, and message boards.

Part of the problem is there’s virtually no coverage of your everyday student who gets up to go to class, does their best, who studies hard while looking to make great grades every day and also looking for an opportunity to go to college.

There are no TV cameras in the classrooms documenting the positive goings on of your normal everyday students.

There is no math channel, there is no English channel, and there is no science channel where those students are being interviewed and highlighted for their achievements, or special programs for those students to decide which college they will choose to attend.

Athletes also have to be careful of those students who have not achieved any success in their lives.

Those students who underachieved in the classroom and because of their lack of motivation for an education will end up working some minimum wage job for the rest of their lives.

I have heard stories of a successful athlete returning home to his community wearing his college sweat suit or athletic gear with the name of his school proudly on display.

The unsuccessful high school student that has not accomplished anything and is envious and/or jealous turns this hatred towards the student athlete’s.

All of this hatred because a student athlete has on his college athletic sweat suit could lead to potential violence.

Many student athletes, whether in high school, college or the professional ranks, have been killed by those who simply hate their guts because these athletes are successful in playing their sport.

Sports are incredible and being an athlete is incredible. Being able to reach the pros from being a student athlete is incredible and that’s why haters will always hate no matter what.

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