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Take A Closer Look At The East Coast Elite Quarterback And Receiver Camps

Quarterbacks and receivers are not born, they are made.

To develop your skills as a quarterback and wide receiver it’s critical for student athletes to attend elite camps.

One of the best quarterback and receivers camps in the country is the East Coast Elite Quarterback And Receiver Camp, founded by Jim Cantafio from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Since 1988, East Coast Elite Quarterback And Receiver Camp has been open to all age groups.  From December through July camps are being held twice per month for up and coming quarterback and receivers who are looking to get better to improve their game under experienced coaches.

All of the East Coast camps have an incredible player to coach ratio, meaning that all of the student athletes are guaranteed to receive specialized, up-close one-on-one coaching.

Coach Jim Cantafio and his staff offer a variety of specialized camps.  Their two day camps are clearly designed to develop quarterbacks and receivers fundamentals.

They also offer one day camps, three hour mini camps, along with one hour small group instruction.  All designed to help develop quarterbacks and receivers to improve their athletic ability, and develop their overall athletic potential.

On May 25th, there will be the Keystone State Quarterback Showcase.  This is open to quarterbacks from the Pennsylvania area only.

If you’re a quarterback and you’re looking to gain the attention of college coaches from all levels, then it is critical for you to register for the Keystone State Showcase today!

In July, East Coast Quarterback Elite And Receiver Camp will host an elite showcase invitation only camp which will be free to all invitees.  This event will also have many of the top college football programs in attendance.

It is critical for student athletes to be seen by college programs and attending specialized camps that attracts college coaches is how many student athletes get recruited and placed in college.

To be considered for the invitation only camp in July, student athletes will have to have attended a previous East Coast Elite Quarterback And Receiver Camp.

East Coast Quarterback Elite And Receiver Camp has an impressive list of alumni. One of the biggest and famous names is NFL quarterback, Chad Henning, who currently plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To read more on the past athletes who have attended the East Coast Quarterback Elite And Receiver camp, click here.

Each year, around 1,000 student athletes attend East Coast Quarterback Elite And Receiver Camps and many of them go on to college and even the NFL.  For any student athlete who is looking to get better as a quarterback or to sharpen their skills as a receiver this is clearly a place you should attend.

The college recruiting process has a long list of challenges for student athletes and parents to overcome.  One of the best things any student athlete can do is to invest in improving their overall athletic abilities.

Improving your athletic talent by attending elite camps is critical for any student athlete who is looking to take their talents to the next level.  You can’t get better as a quarterback or wide receiver by hanging around the house.

It’s important to be involved with coaches who understand all there is to know about developing wide receivers and quarterbacks.

Take a strong look at East Coast Quarterback Elite And Receiver Camp today.


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